Thursday, April 02, 2009

Out of Hibernation

Warmer temperatures bring fuller calendars apparently. The last few months have seemed pretty routine... work all week, catch up and clean on Saturdays, church and youth group all day Sunday, with a little shopping and an occasional dinner or movie thrown in there. But in comes April and we are booked solid every weekend. It excites me because I like being around people and doing things, but sad because I had hoped to make a trip to NYC/NJ to see our friends in the spring and now it looks like we won't be able to.

So what are we doing?

This weekend Bobby is officiating his very first wedding! I am so excited. Someone that he works with at WVU is having a small ceremony and wanted to involve his friends in as much of the event as possible and since what Bobby brings to the table is the fact that he is an ordained minister, he fit the bill for officiant! So we have the rehearsal and wedding this weekend, plus Palm/Passion Sunday service at our church.

Next weekend is Easter - which is actually a 4 day affair - Maundy Thursday which Bobby will assist with communion, Good Friday which Bobby will be doing the sermon for (or as we say, sermonizing), Saturday morning he is in charge of the devotion at another local church, and Sunday morning has two services.

The following weekend we are going to Oklahoma.

The weekend after that ... I'll talk about in another post.

That brings us to May - first weekend is Bobby's birthday, next is one of our youth group kid's Eagle Scout Court of Honor that Bobby will be a speaker, Bobby is preaching at our church the next 2 Sundays - and also happens to graduate on one of those days too (May 17th!), the next weekend (Memorial Day) is a wedding that I am working for (sort of a coordinator/planner position).

And then we collapse.

Maybe I will long for hibernation after all that!


Lianna Knight said...

We are in the same boat...something almost every single weekend...where does the time go???

Lori said...

Wow, you are getting busy, it seems our lives get a lot more crazy when the warm weather hits, also.