Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Monday, October 18, 2010

Oklahoma football & the domination of Iowa State

I couldn't be further behind in my blogging. I have several posts in a hold pattern right now because they involve some non-digital photos and I can't remember how to scan them, or to ask bobby to help me for the gazillionth time. So I'm just going to skip those events and tell you about this past Saturday. :)

We have been trying all season to go to an OU football game, but so far were 0-3. Fortunately the Sooners won those first 3 games and were 3-0. But bobby & I were losers. Last season (our first couple of months here in Norman) we went to 4 home games, with much ease and little money. You see, OU lost their first two games last year, as well as their star quarterback and tight end, so tickets were flying out of people's hands at very reasonable prices. Well, do you know what happens when all of your team's starters are healthy and you are ranked in the top 10? Economics is what happens. People have tickets to sell, but they are selling them at a MUCH higher rate. I learned that in the city of Norman, you can sell tickets for over face value. (did not know that before) We are not able, or willing, to spend $300 a ticket. Especially when we live 5 miles from the stadium and have a pretty nice tv to watch it on. so.... we went to campus for the first three home games hopeful, and left empty-handed.

But wait!

Another thing happens when your team is REALLY good (and still undefeated) - when they play really bad teams, people aren't quite as interested in watching a blow-out, so they sell their tickets for a cheaper price.

See how much you are learning today?!

We were able to secure some great tickets to this past Saturday's game for quite a bit under face value and sit in a section we've never sat before. bonus! There are a few people I would like to thank for this opportunity: First of all, Craig, and his list; because otherwise I would not have known that a woman named Lindsay was selling them. Secondly, Susan, my GPS lady, for getting me to Midwest City to pick them up. And finally, my parents for buying us the tickets! Glad I found a good deal for you, Mom & Dad!!

See how happy we are to be at the game!

I have to admit, I took more photos of the marching band than the football team, but they move slower and stop in cool formations, so they are easier to photograph. Plus, if I pause to take a photo of the team, I usually miss a play and get mad. So here is the Pride of Oklahoma during pregame (my favorite part!)

Looks like drum major, Matt Sumner is saying, "are you ready?!"

Yes, we are!

see how close we were to the field? awesome!

pulling out the GIANT state flag for singing of O-k-l-a-h-o-m-a

here comes the team!

this requires lots of flipping...

...and twirling.

yay megan from western pennsylvania! (sorry I didn't get a better picture)

So it turns out that I only took ONE picture during the game. (oops) It's an action shot during a field goal or extra point. Probably an extra point because OU scored a heck of a lot of touchdowns! Can you find the ball in the air?

It's too bad that guy's big red hat is in the way. jerk.

the student section looked like it was having a lot of fun.

We got to see the sooner schooner come out a lot because the sooners scored so many times.

resting the ponies in between scoring

final score

final photo