Thursday, April 23, 2009

Because He Lives

In light of yesterday's post about tomorrow's surgery, I thought I would post a song that has been running through my head since we sang it in church on Easter Sunday. It's a Gaither song, which typically I'm not super fond of, just because of the cheesiness and sometimes weak lyrics. (hope I didn't offend anyone with that...) But for some reason, this one just really got to me.

It's just a 4 line chorus - my commentary in italics.

Because He lives, I can face tomorrow. (yes, I can face the surgery tomorrow!)

Because He lives, all fear is gone. (I'm getting there...)

Because I know He holds the future. (He knows whether or not we'll be parents someday...)

And life is worth the living just because He lives. (sometimes I'm so upset about our current life situation that it almost feels like I can't go on... but I know that I am living for something, someONE bigger than me, bigger than my problems, bigger than this current world full of destruction and devastation. And it's the hope I have in Him, and knowing how much God loves me, that makes life worth living.)

*update: ok, so this was meant to be a serious post, but I'm in a weird mood right now. reread the lyrics again, with my commentary, and picture a christian band / worship leader on stage at church or at a concert, and after he sings each line, he pauses, with eyes closed, and says my words that I have in italics. so dramatic, huh?


Lori said...

I'll be praying for you tomorrow as you go in for your surgery! I hope & pray that everything will go wonderfully!! Good Luck! This song is awesome, I love the lyrics!

Abby said...


I have been thinking and praying for you a lot lately. It really helped me through my surgery to know that people were praying and I really do feel that God answered very specific prayers for me (that Currie could be w/ me when they did the IV, that I'd respond well to the anesthesia, that I wouldn't be nervous right before the surgery, etc.). I am praying for this to be a very smooth, successful surgery for you, as it was for me. And, I am definitely praying that you will hear good results when it's over! I'll try to call this weekend. Love you!!
:) Abby

Daniel and Shawna Hatfield said...

I hope your surgery went well today. Thanks for all of your comments. Hang in there and know you have someone in Alabama praying for you.