Saturday, April 25, 2009


Thank you all for your sweet comments, prayers and concerns. Yesterday's surgery went fine, I think... I don't quite remember what everyone told me while I was in recovery. It's so strange to be in one place (the OR), fall asleep, and then wake up in a different place (recovery room) a couple hours later and not have a clue what just happened. I know most people have been through similar situations, but it still blows my mind. Then nurses kept trying to get me to wake up and I couldn't. I honestly felt like I might never fully wake up, but of course I did. And then one of them kept scaring me because she said I kept getting paler and grayer, and she said something about not wanting to "lose me" like I was dying or something! Happy to hear that she just meant I almost passed out or threw up, which fortunately I did neither, but apparently came very close to doing both. I don't remember, I was asleep. I thought I dreamt that my doctor came in and was talking about his wife, but apparently that really happened. Still unsure what that was all about. Hopefully I'll find out when I go into see him for my follow-up appointment in a couple weeks. Which I may or may not have already scheduled.

After I finally started to feel more "alive," I was amazed at how ready I was to come home. And by ready, I mean, felt good enough to eat & drink and walk around on my own, within minutes of moving into the second recovery area. Maybe the time was longer, I really don't know, but it felt quick. I even recognized Bobby and my mom when they came into see me. So soon we were signing release forms and I was being rolled out of Ruby Memorial Hospital to come home. Bobby was super sweet and went to IHOP to get me an order of their super delicious Harvest Grain & Nut pancakes. Seriously, if you go there anytime soon, you have to get these - they're amazing. And they were just what I needed to eat with my next round of narcotics.

So at home we have been doing a little tv watching, backporch sitting, laundry (I'm just giving instructions), and hanging out with the animals. I had intended to be lazier and watch more tv, but my mom keeps insisting that I sit outside on a lawn chair and get fresh air & sun. I guess her idea is better... but I've missed a lot of tv shows lately that I really need to catch up on!


Jennifer said...

I've been praying for you! Wanting a child and not being able to have one is one of the most heart-wrenching things!! It affects everything you do. I would tell you to enjoy your "recovery" time and relax but I know that is probably impossible. :) Just know there are lots of people out here who care about you and are praying for you!!

Lori said...

I am so glad your surgery went great!! Take it easy, get lots of rest and have fun giving orders on how to do laundry!! HA! I am praying for you daily!!!