Tuesday, April 07, 2009

The Animals

So I know you are probably all wondering... what are the Griffith's animals up to these days, and why haven't we seen a picture of them lately?? Well, wait no more...

The Turtles

Well, they are still pretty much the same. They still have to be separated because when they are together, Brooks still gets a little too frisky and aggressive. I am so happy and surprised that The Little Girl (yes, that is still her name...) still has all of her appendages, and head, for that matter. We still occasionally forget to feed them for days at a time, but fortuantely they are hearty little critters and don't seem to mind too much. I'll be happy (and so will they) when the sun is out again and they can go outside and dry out for extended periods of time. We still have no idea how old they are.

The Kitties

I can't believe they are almost 2 years old. :( I told them that I wanted them to stay kittens forever. Why didn't they listen? But I must say that I'm pleased that they have still remained quite playful. But they are getting quite big to carry around these days. Paisley is sort of plump all around, while Shadow seems tiny, but has a huge pouch belly - it's so funny. They love going outside now that it's a little warmer. We had quite the excitement two Friday mornings ago when I found a snake in the kitchen before work. I was hysterical and freaked out for the kitties' sake, so I snatched them up and put them in their carrier for safety upstairs, on top of the bed, until Bobby got home. Then the snake went missing. So when he got home, the cats came out of confinement and found that snake and tortured the thing. I was so proud! (and so were they)

I know it's blurry, but look! they can still fit together in their little bed. :)

Although they are a little more crowded now than they were in this picture taken last January. But they're still so cute!

The love the fireplace in the winter.

The Bunny

The biggest news is that she turned FIVE years old on April 1st. FIVE! And really, she seems just as youthful as she was a couple years ago. She runs up and down our steps all day long. She waits by my bed until I get up in the morning - she's usually looking at me when I roll over to hit the snooze button. She then chases me down the steps and into the living room, then waits until I bring my breakfast back in there and then she comes over and begs for a bite of it. As I type this, she is playing with one of her toys - a shaky, chewy carrot thing. She picks it up and throws it down with authority. The new thing that she has been doing involves her food bowl. Lately, once she eats all the good stuff in her "wild harvest gourmet rabbit food," she picks up her bowl with her teeth and slams it back down on the ground. I guess she is hoping that something better is hidden under those bland timothy hay pellets. It's quite funny to hear when you are sitting directly underneath her when she does it (we have hardwood floors.) She's such a diva!

I call this picture "fake bunny" because she is posing here and I think she looks like a stuffed bunny.

Look at little mischievous! Despite all of our efforts to block off the living room fireplace, she still manages to get in.


danielle said...

happy birthday bunny! i can't believe you still have your turtle and bunny, that is so crazy! don't light the fireplace! love the pics of the cats!

Doug and Lori said...

Your kitties are so cute! I love the picture of the two of them in front of the fireplace!! So adorable!!
And Bunny on the fireplace... mischevious, but oh so cute!
The snake...yikes!!!

Summer said...

Happy B-Day Bunny! Wow lots of furry friends! That pic of the turtles is too cute!
Summer :0)