Thursday, March 26, 2009

new layout again

so I'm back to just plain old white. I just couldn't stand that pink & gray weird one anymore. I still am waiting for someone to rescue this blog and make it cool. If you don't know what I'm talking about, see this recent post. thank you.


Timothy L Spradlling said...

White background in a blog's content area is better. If you load images on your post it will look better. I read your blog from time to time.

Your Brother in the faith,

Charleston WV

Lianna Knight said...

If I create a header for you will you be able to input it on your blog? I didn't realize you owned your you have capabilities to insert a picture in the header area?

If so, I'll be HAPPY to create one for you :) Just tell me what colors you like, send me some pics, and I'll get after it :)

Lori said...

Thank You so much for visiting my blog, and for your very nice comment. Infertility is not fair, but I have learned by finding blessing in every day, and by focusing on the positive things in life it has helped me get my mind off of it a little more. I have faith that the Lord is with me every step of the way. My heart breaks for you as you long for children of your own. I hate what infertility can do to one's emotions, I pray that the Lord will bless you with a child of your own. For with God nothing is impossible.

God Bless!
Have a wonderful weekend