Friday, March 13, 2009

Lamest Blog on Block

I am really sick of my blog. The layout, that is. I've currently been on a blog obsession lately, and not only have I read about some really cool people, I've found some really cool blogs! Even some of you I know in real life (Annie, Anna, and Becky to name a few...) have really cool new layouts too. I'm very impressed!

So after seeing all of this cool inspiration, why is mine stuck in the early 2000's? Well, two things...

First, we own our blog (see the address, which means it's not a "blogspot" or "blogger" blog per se, so I can't easily go in and change the template like the rest of the blogging world. I go to all these "free templates" websites and follow the instructions and it just doesn't work. Now, over on our youth group blog, I've been able to take advantage of these new free features like side bar menus and links and such. (but of course, I haven't done much with it in months b/c apparently that was not as great of a communication tool as I thought it would be. I'll probably just delete it soon, because Danielle would just say that it's taking up cyberspace.)

So what's the point of owning our own blog? I ask Bobby all the time and he says that b/c we actually OWN the material we post, not Blogger/Blogspot. So I guess if the country keeps heading into the socialist state that it's going, who knows, maybe Blogger will get crazy and not like what I post and start deleting people's material. I hope that never happens, but in that case, they can't touch my stuff. Because it's mine! ALL MINE!!! I have no idea if that's what Bobby really meant, but that's how I interpreted it. So, back to the reasons my blog is hideous.

Number two - I am completely internet/computer un-savvy. I can follow step by step directions better than anyone I know (joking), but I really don't understand what the heck I'm doing. I have no idea what an isp, or html, or a *blah blah blah* is. Maybe I should take a class. So I'm sure that there is an easy way to reformat my blog even though we "own it," but until I can find the step by step instructions for it, I'm stuck with this boring, ugly layout and I hate it.

Can someone help?

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danielle said...

you could always just start a new blog through blogger. although, think of the wasted space with one unused blog. but, if it must be done...