Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Bump it!

I did not watch the Bachelor this season, but I did watch the finale last night and here's the reason why... there was a two hour episode of 24 last night from 8-10 and it was PHENOMENAL! I mean, it was action-packed, intense, just plain awesome. But afterward, I was wound up and hyper and there was no way I was falling asleep anytime soon. So I decided to watch something a little light-hearted before going to bed, and boy, did I get myself a laugh or two from watching the Bachelor! Quick recap... "the Bachelor" Jason was the runner-up in the last season of the Bachelorette, everyone felt bad for him, so they gave him his own show. Well, he "chose" the girl last night (taped months ago), leaving the runner-up shocked & depressed (like what happened to him last year.) So he shows up last night at the "After The Final Rose" show (this is a live show) with Melissa (#1) and breaks up with her! Then Molly (#2) comes out and he says sorry, I messed up, can you give me another chance??!!?? Bobby and I were just dying! This was so stupid & pathetic. And the dumb phrase of the night was, "follow your heart." BLEH! I could just throw up.

So what is the point of this nonsense?

Why am I wasting everyone's time with this post??


You know, the hair contraption thingy that I mentioned in my last post. We both recognized it immediately and started laughing even harder. Aahhh, reality tv. I don't have a screen cap picture of it yet, but when I find one, I'll update the post so you can laugh too.

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