Thursday, May 21, 2009

Welcome to Menopause

I mentioned a couple blog posts ago that I would soon be starting a treatment plan that would attempt to kill the remaining endometriosis that my doctor was not able to remove during my lap 4 weeks ago. The drug is called LupronDepot, a GnRH, and basically what it does is lower your estrogen levels, thus preventing or reducing growth of endometriosis, which my doctor believes is the cause of our IF. So what happens when the estrogen is removed from your body? Hot flashes, night sweats, weight gain, memory loss, insomnia, bone density loss (but not in the small amount I'm taking), etc. So when I got my first injection yesterday, Bobby said, "Welcome to menopause!" Gee, thanks.

I thought maybe I'd have a couple days before the symptoms really kicked in, but no. I had a miserable night last night. It started with some non-Lupron drama that caused anxiety and a much later bedtime than I had planned on. I lied awake until about 2-ish, fell asleep briefly and woke up with horrible horrible pain in my stomach & lower back. I even had to wake Bobby. With the help of two heating pads and more ibuprofen, I had a very restful sleep from 3:45 to 6:45. ugh. Wait, did I say restful? Make that restful and sweaty. Yes, the night sweats have begun already. Double ugh.

So it's going to be an interesting summer. I guess I should start preparing the people around me now to wear extra layers because I'll have the a/c on super high everywhere I go.

And it would be nice if I would start seeing results from The Shred sometime soon!!

Jillian, are you reading this?!?

Since I'll be forced to wear tank tops and shorts, or sundresses, everywhere I go for the next few months to keep cool, I had hoped to feel a little more "shredded" by now. We are planning on starting Level II tonight, so we'll see how that goes. Hopefully better than Level I.

** EDIT: I was so focused on the depressing part of starting this medicine that I forgot the really great part of the story.**

So when we first met with my doctor after my lap and he gave us his recommendations, which included this treatment, we asked the fated questions, "how much is this going to cost?" and "will my insurance cover this?" well, my RE's office has this saint of a person who is the financial counselor and she gave us the bad news, "This drug costs b/n $600 and $700 a month." Multiply that times 3 and you get a lot of money. Then she called my new insurance company and gave us the even worse news, "your insurance company does not cover injectibles of any kind." Shoot! So while we were already leary about taking this medication because of the side effects, now we were even more concerned because of the financial toll it would take on us. We asked around for some opinions and basically were told, "if you've come this far and now you finally have an answer and all it will take is this med for 3 months, do it!" As far as the cost, one advisor said, "some people blow that amount of money at one stop on a new tv, do it!" While I realize that $2000 is a lot of money, yet not at a the same time, we still weren't sure what to do.

And then the call came.

The saint at Dr T's office called and said that she just spoke with the Lupron drug rep and they have a patience assistance program to help pay for the treatment, all we had to do was apply for it. Holy moly! Here was the time line...

  • Dr visit Thursday, May 7th at 9:00 am to find out that the best treatment will cost $2K
  • Call from the saint about the program, May 7th at 4:00 pm
  • I called her back Friday, May 8th to ask her to send me the application.
  • Received application on Saturday, May 9th - she already had the info filled out on the form for me!
  • I had to add a little more personal information, then I mailed it to the drug company on Monday, May 11th.
  • Called drug company on Thursday, May 14th to make sure they had received my application. I was told that they had received it, I was approved, and they had already shipped out the medicine to my dr's office and they should receive it Friday, May 15th.
Can you believe that was so quick & easy?!?! And it's free! No strings attached. I just call them back when I want them to ship my next refill. Unbelievable!

Now we can go blow that extra $2K on a new tv! haha


Randall @ Happy For This Moment said...

Glad your treatment options had a good outcome!

Jillian said...

Good news about it being free!!

Miranda aka Mommy said...

I'm so glad that worked out! My mom suggests to everyone to get a 'wicking' t-shirt or tank to wear to bed. They are like exercise clothes but it pulls the sweat away from your body so you don't feel it as much... oh and your own personal fan on your side of the room. hugs sweety!!