Monday, May 18, 2009

Bobby Graduates... Again!

Yesterday we celebrated another academic achievement in Bobby's life... he graduated from West Virginia University with a Masters in Arts degree in History! This was a degree that we didn't think was necessary because he already has a Masters degree. You see, two years ago, he graduated from Covenant Theological Seminary with a Masters of Divinity. What a momentous occassion that was! We couldn't wait to go to graduation and celebrate with all of our friends & neighbors and my family that came out for the event. While there were only 100+ graduates, commencement was held in a huge church building in St Louis, and it was packed. We were so excited and yet sad for yet another chapter in our life was over... but it was not an easy road, let me tell you. Four years is a long time and seminary is NOT cheap. But we were so glad we did it. And survived! He graduated and had hoped to move directly onto a PhD program. Well, that wasn't quite going to work out... because of his unaccredited Bachelor's Degree from an unnamed college, and because an M.Div. isn't considered a research degree (despite the fact that it is 108 credits!! hello, a Bachelors is 128!), no PhD programs would accept him. So... he had to complete another Masters. Ugh! Together we decided to go with the big public school route because he had never had any public school experience and thought it would be good. (I'm not sure why I'm giving you all this information, I really just started this post to show the parents the photos & video evidence!) So he applied to several schools and WVU we were bound.

While originally we thought that these past two years were going to be a waste, we were definately wrong. Since Bobby was able to get a GA, that saved us close to $30K in tuition, he got some really great "life-experience" working as an academic advisor, he thrived in his department and graduated with a 4.0 GPA, we got to live in southwest Pennsylvania near my family, and serve God in our church as secretary (me) and assistant Pastor (him).

Once again, having a family member as a full-time student is not easy. There are a lot of sacrifices to be made, on both parts. But we made it... again!

So here it is... the 140th Commencement at WVU.

All 1200 graduates on the floor of the Coliseum. And the answer is, it takes 3 hours to graduate 1200 students...

The Stage

Bobby - on the big screen! (somewhere in the upper left corner)

A video of him walking across the stage, receiving his diploma.

The graduate... with his second hood. Yes, we own both now... this one was a lot cheaper (free!)

A beautiful day outside to celebrate his graduation!


Jillian said...

Congrats to you hubby!! I just graduated with my masters in December and it was tough on our financial situation too!!

Amber said...

Congrats to your hubby how exciting!

jenn said...

congrats! go wvu!!