Thursday, May 14, 2009

Log Cabin Living - the Guest Quarters

For the past couple of weeks, I have been enjoying the "tour of homes" otherwise known as "show us where you live" on Kelly's Korner, a new blog I've been reading (click on the image above to go to her blog.) I really wanted to participate the first week, which was kitchens, but mine was way too messy and unorderly, so I skipped out. Week 2 was living rooms and I really should have entered because I do enjoy our living room, I think it's quite cozy, especially in the winter when we have a roaring fire, but I hesitated and by Friday afternoon, there were already 400 entries, so I skipped out again. Well, it's week 3 and this round is Guest Rooms. I thought it'd be a good place to begin participation because I think the bed especially in the guest room is really neat, and usually gets quite the reaction from visitors.

Ok, time for a quick background check for those of you who may be visiting my blog for the first time. We currently live in log cabin, on a 360 acre farm, with my aunt & uncle (they live in their own log house about 200 feet away.) We were invited to live here while Bobby is getting his master's degree at WVU, which is just 20+ minutes away. It's been an awesome opportunity, especially to live in such a cool house and to enjoy all the really fun animals (mostly dogs, horses, donkeys, cats, and pot-belly pig!)

Back to the tour... this house/cabin was originally built in the 18th and 19th centuries (it's actually 2 cabins put together) - of course we have all the modern day conveniences like running water (cold and hot!), central heat & a/c, and even electricity! haha!! But it still has the charm of a log cabin from the 17 & 1800's. Most of the furnishings in this house are not ours, so I really can't take any of the credit, that all goes to my aunt.

So without further ado, here is where you would stay if you came to visit us in southwestern Pennsylvania:

When we don't have any guests, this is what the bed normally looks like because of our kitties. I keep an afghan down to protect the pillows & comforter, then their bed that they like to sleep in together, and their Purr Pads, which they love!

Here is your lovely view of the pond from the guest bedroom window. So peaceful... even with the ducks, geese, and swans.

I took this picture to show you some of the antique decor in the house.

There are no closets in this house, so there are dressers and armoires like this one basically in every room. Did ya hear that? No closets OR cupboards of any kind. That's that charm I was talkin' about!

Here is where our guests bathe, and... the other thing. Actually this is where we bathe too. We only have a 1/2 bath in our master so we come over here to shower. Under the curtain is a claw foot tub.

Here is the other side of the bathroom. I tried really hard to not be in the picture!

This is technically our "second" guest bedroom. It's not really it's own room - it's in an area at the top of the steps that I call, The Parlor. I don't know why, I guess it's just because it looks like a sitting area. Beyond the daybed, there is a little desk & chair, a rocking chair, a dresser, and some more things that you'll see next...

For this picture, I'm sitting on the daybed to show you one of 4 fireplaces in this house. Since it's on the second floor and heat rises, we haven't used this one. That is why it is safe to keep Bobby's guitars in front of it.

These guys watch over you when you sleep in the day bed. :-)

Thru the window of this room, you can see the window to our bedroom. Neat, huh?!

So those are our guest rooms. Hope you enjoyed the tour!

Now, for something non-tour related...

As a quick follow-up to my last post. After reading the very meaningful comment by Natalie, I feel very convicted and shameful that my words were so selfish and self-centered. Don't we all do that when we're afflicted with something though? Nonetheless, childless women are not the only ones who pain on Mother's Day. I am very fortunate that I do still have my mother and could celebrate her on Sunday, but I know many who don't still have their mothers here on earth, and the day brings much sorrow to them as well. I am sorry that I didn't mention that in my little rant on Wednesday. The fact is, I didn't intend for any of that to be written, the words just flowed from my fingers, and I decided to leave it. I'm glad I did so that I could hear from several of you. Thank you for your words of compassion and sympathy. And Natalie is also right about it being Biblical to honor our mothers, but I think we can mostly agree that they "way" it is done in the modern church is just way too overboard. At least in the context that I've been accustomed to. I'm not saying that churches should altogether ignore the day, I'm just saying, be sensitive and loving to those who may not find the day enjoyable. Ok, I'm done now. :)


Melinda said...

I LOVE the canopy on the guest bed!! It is gorgeous! My parents on a cabin on a 400 acre farm in Virginia that has been in my dad's family for 4 generations. Their cabin has so many of the same features as yours, small bathrooms and the no closests! I love it! Your home is gorgeous!

Justin and Jenn said...

I love the lace canopy!

AndreaLeigh said...

love the canopy! gorgeous!

Sarah Robbins said...

Ooooh! I love it. Your claw foot tub is the best!

jenn said...

your home is just charming!! My family and I live about 45 minutes south of WVU--small world! I will be praying for your desire to be a mom!

God Bless!!


Boating Break Holidays said...

What a fantastic log cabin, looks like a great place to live. I would live in a log cabin if I had the choice :-)

Claire said...

Ooooh, I love these rooms! As for the rest of your post - may I pray for you?


Lauren and Jon said...

I love the canopy bed in your guest bedroom! It looks like a room straight out of a bed and breakfast!!

Carrie and David said...

Wow, very dramatic bed! And the view is beautiful!

Melissa Miller said...

It's all so charming and very beautiful! ;)

Jillian said...

I love that you live in a log cabin!! How cool and your room is so fun!! I look forward to following your blog!!

Jessica said...

Oh my gosh, how cute! I just love log cabins. My in-laws have a very rustic cabin that was built a few years ago, and it's so cozy! My husband and I hope to live in one someday. I especially love the canopy bed...I had one when I was a little girl and have been in love with them ever since :-)

Tena said...

Thanks for the tour! Love the commentary about living in a log cabin.

Jenna said...

Wow I'm jealous I'd love to live in an old log cabin!!

"Dove" said...

Where can I sign up to come be your guest?? :)

That bed is glorious. So charming. Looks like something out of a dream, and somewhere I'd love to curl up with a good book! :) Thanks for sharing!!

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