Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Can't we have a 22 hour day, Jack?

Some of you have already seen my facebook status today which states that I wish this season/day of 24 would have ended last night, making the 7th worst day of Jack Bauer's life only 22 hours long. This season has been fantastic, nail-biting, exciting, tense, just plain awesome. And last night's episode was no different. Bobby even got up and paced the room (like he often does) because it was so suspenseful. And despite being in the process of dying from the bioweapon he was infected by, Jack saved the world again.

And it should have ended there.

But nooooo, the writers/producers decided to bring Jack's dumb daughter, Kim, back this season and now once again the plot is all messed up because of her. I am not alone in disliking her, there are many a Kim-hating groups out there on The Internet. Just type "I hate Kim Bauer" into Google and see how many results you get. Ok, don't, that's a waste of time. I am actually tempted to just not watch the 2 hour finale next week and in my head remember that Jack saved the world, and imagine that Kim (or her daughter) cooperates in giving Jack the stem cells or whatever he needs to save his life. He lives and will be back next season to save us once again. Capiche?

Ok, there are other things going on in the world beyond the Hour of Bauer. Like, the 30 Day Shred for example.

We began it last night and it was rough. Jillian is a lot nicer on the DVD than in person (by which I mean, on The Biggest Loser.) But her workout is brutal! We started on Level 1 like we're supposed to, and the exercises weren't the worst I've ever done. But the getting on the floor, getting back up, getting back on the floor, then back up again, part is a killer! It goes like this: jumping jacks, pushups, run in place, situps, squats, more pushups, arm curls, situps, etc. In that order, with not a second in between. Whew. I am quite sore today, mostly in my arms because of the pushups. I would be sorer I'm sure had I not been doing a super-modified version (even more modified than what's-her-name does) because I'm still only 3 weeks post-surgery. Doing it again tonight will be tough, I'm quite sure of it.

One final note of business is the real reason I'm doing this workout. Not only is less-clothing season upon us, but I am still working off that extra weight that I received as a lovely parting gift from the Clomid & Femera, but my doctor just prescribed a new medication for me to start taking to destroy the remainder of the endometriosis that he could not get during my surgery. I'm still researching it before I start it because the side effects can be pretty awful, from what I've heard/read. It basically will take all the estrogen out of my body (which causes the endo to grow) so I will experience menopause symptoms. Sounds fun, doesn't it? And I'm sure weight gain is included, so I'm trying to get ahead of the game by shredding what excess I currently have. Make sense? Anyway, the medicine is called Lupron Depo. Anyone know anything about it? Been on it? Known anyone that's taken it?

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