Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mother & Daughter

This isn't a post that will elaborate on Mother's Day, but I will say that after reading many blogs that reflect my similar feelings and situation, I think something needs to be done in the church. For those of us who equate pain with this holiday, the first thing that is thought of is, "ugh, I don't want to go to church today." And many people who are not parents skip church on this certain day in May. This isn't the way it's supposed to be, people! Church should be a place of refuge and security. A place where we people should not want to avoid because they are going to be reminded of their pain and have it rubbed in their face. Not a place where the highlight of the day is the oldest and youngest mothers get to stand up and be recognized. Anyone remember reading about that in your Bible?! I know people have good intentions, but there are major boundaries being crossed over (more like, destroyed) when Hallmark holidays (what Bobby likes to call them) are taking over our Lord's day celebration. Have your mother/daughter banquets on Friday night. Take your mom out to lunch on Sunday afternoon. But leave my worship time alone!

Ok, well, I wasn't planning to say all that, but I just sort of happened...

The point of this post is actually to show you two really cute sets of mothers & daughters.

The first is Halle (short for Hallelujah) - she belongs to my aunt & uncle (on the farm where we live) - and her daughter who was born very early on Mother's Day.

The baby is adorable, but don't get too attached. I was just informed that someone from Los Angeles already bought her.

The next is me & my mom. Not quite as little & leggy as Halle's daughter, but I know I do look a lot like my mother, like she does with hers.


Amber said...

Thanks for sharing, I couldnt agree more!

What a great picture of you and your mom

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, you and your mom look so much alike!

This church and our last church have ALL the women stand up, then the pastor talks about how wonderful mothers are. I don't like it. I just stand there thinking, "I don't do that; I haven't done that." I almost feel like it discounts mothers to lump all us other women in like that. Even this year, I still felt weird. Yes, I have children, but I'm still not quite a mother yet. So yeah, I wish they would just leave it out of worship and church.

-Erica F.

Lianna Knight said...

So sweet...I agree completely about Mother's Day Sunday :)

Natalie Whisler said...

My mom died when I was 12 and for many years I really dreaded Mothers Day. All the commercials, the signs in retail stores... it was all very painful. As I was experiencing that each year I remembered how hard Mothers Day was for my own Mom. She buried my almost 6 year old big sister on Mothers Day of 1971 (before I was born).

I think that the subject of honoring parents (including mothers on mothers day) is a very Biblical one and can have a place in a worship service. However, I think this could be a chance for the church to really live up to its job of loving people. I think the church can come right out and say... as we honor our mothers we have to recognize that this is a very difficult day for many people. People who have lost moms, people who have estranged moms, Mothers who have lost children, Not yet mothers who desperately want children. These are the people that we need to come alongside. Our pastor does a good job of mentioning some of this, but I think more could be done to support those that struggle within the concept of Motherhood.

Just my thoughts. (((HUGS))) for you my dear. You really do look just like your lovely mom.