Friday, August 08, 2008

Let the Games Begin

I always get so excited about the Olympics. I just love them. Maybe it's because I have to wait 4 years for them to come around again and the hype just keeps building. I really don't know which I enjoy more, summer or winter. I think summer because there are more events that I really get into, whereas winter, ice skating is really my only passion. But with summer, there is gymnastics, swimming, diving!, synchronized swimming, tennis, trampoline, beach volleyball, equestrian, and who could forget badminton?!? Little known fact about me... I once aspired to be an olympic diver. yep.

I practiced my swan dives, jacknives, and back dives off of my parent's diving board for hours and hours when I was kid.

Unfortunately I never took my skills beyond that.

As for swimming, I do a nasty kickturn. Watch out Michael Phelps.

1 comment:

danielle said...

i bet my pencil jump would beat your kick turn any day! and that's a threat!