Wednesday, September 09, 2009

In Norman We Are

Well this post is only 13 days late. Sorry for the delay in posting, but we've been a little busy with the unpacking and the meeting of lots of people. We did arrive in Norman on the day we expected, Wednesday, August 26th, but it was a wee bit later - midnight to be exact. We had a few delays because you just can't get around as fast in a moving truck (our shortest pit stop was 20 minutes), we hit a really bad storm in Tulsa, and we spent several wonderful hours with our friends in St Louis. We certainly don't regret that part at all! So we arrived at midnight, in the rain, with some very unhappy animals. The (water) turtles had been in a box (separate boxes) for two days, the cats were in a carrier together and cried for 80% of the trip, but the Bunny was fine, chillin' in her cage in the back of the car. So we unloaded them from the car and slept on our bedroom floor on the first night in our first very own home. How very romantic, isn't it?

Since that day we have been unpacking and organizing stuff - like trying to figure out where we are going to put Bobby's clothes since mine take up our master bedroom closet. Just kidding, he gets the third bedroom closet. Well, some of his clothes are there. Some are in the second bedroom. And some of his shoes are in my closet. The rest of his shoes are still missing. So it's like a scavenger hunt for him every time he gets dressed. I try to keep things fun for him around here.

He began working in the church office yesterday, so I'm trying to use my time home wisely, and I am doing a great job of that right now, huh? We have been to two worship services at our new church and they were great. And we've been really blessed by some great meals and fellowship with folks from the church. I think our life and calendar are going to be pretty full here in Norman and we are going to love it.

We miss all of our friends in southwest PA, especially our family and the kids from our youth group. It was really hard to leave them all. We are so thankful for free long distance calls on our cell phones and facebook so we can keep an eye on them, er, I mean, keep in touch with them.

We don't have a ton of pictures since we've been here because our camera battery died and we're waiting for the new one to arrive in the mail, but I since I never actually showed you all a picture of the front our house, here it is:

This was taken when we came to Norman on our house hunt. We will definately be doing something with those boring square hedges!

FYI, if you're friends with me on facebook, I have a couple photo albums of the house on there. But more will be posted here as we make our updates and makeovers to the rooms.


Lisa said...

Welcome to Norman! I am a long-time "Normanite" since I was in
2nd grade. I hope you are finding what you need in Sooner Town. Feel free to ask if you need anything!

Lisa :)

Julie said...



danielle said...

boomer sooner! glad you guys are settling in. can't wait to see more pics as things get unpacked. are you going to be working or looking for a job? or what are your plans? just curious. or you could just spend lots of time at super target. that's what i would do. i go to our target so much that the checkout lady asked me today if i had gotten my hair cut. i had. i just told her "i come here A LOT." she said she remembered when i was pregnant. i'm definitely in a small town. anyway, this isn't about me. yay for you guys in oklahoma!