Thursday, August 13, 2009

Favorite Vacation Spot(s)


This week on Kelly's Show Us Your Life tour, we are visiting favorite vacation spots.

I sound like Guy Fieri at the beginning of Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives. This week on Triple D, we're visiting western pennsylvania for some killer pierogis. haha.

Normally I would say that my favorite vacation was my honeymoon to Jamaica, but since you all just heard about that last week, I'll pick another one (or three) to highlight today.

I apologize for not including any pictures but blogger won't let me. I did include a couple links to earlier blog posts, so hopefully you'll check them out.

Bethany Beach, Delaware

This has been my family's favorite vacation spot for many many years. My earliest memories involve renting a huge condo on the beach for me & my parents, my aunt & uncle, and my grandma. Sometimes I got to bring a friend along. I love Bethany Beach. It is known as "the quiet resort" - it is located between Ocean City, Maryland and Rehoboth, Delaware. It has a boardwalk, quaint little shops, lots of ice cream, safe streets for bike-riding, and of course, the beach. Now the beach isn't huge and the ocean isn't pretty like the caribbean, but it's sand & water, and I like it.

I was so delighted when I was able to take Bobby there for the first time two years ago. He loved it like I knew he would, and we made arrangements to go back there last summer and this year as well. I am very sad that we are moving so far away from my favorite little beach community, but I can't wait for the day when we can return and hopefully have a little kid or two to take to the beach there. It has been my greatest desire since I was in high school. Lord, please grant me this wish!

Laguna Beach/Hollywood/Beverly Hills/Santa Monica

Bobby and I got to travel to southern California 4 years ago to attend his (extended) family reunion. After the festivities, the two of us decided to extend the trip a few days and see where the celebrities hang out.

I can't get Weezer's Beverly Hills lyrics out of my head now...
Beverly Hills... That's where I want to be!
Living in Beverly Hills...
Beverly Hills... Rolling like a celebrity!
Living in Beverly Hills...
Anyway... we loved everything about SoCal and you can read all about here.

Southern Africa

My trip of a lifetime! Words really can't describe what it is like to be in Africa. Seriously. But I'll try anyway. The full version of my trip is here, complete with MANY pictures, but I'll try and give you a short version. I worked for a deluxe travel & tour operator company as one of my many jobs while living in St Louis, supporting my darling seminarian husband, and on thursday, september 9th, 2005, I was offered a free spot on a trip to southern Africa that left in two days. There were 7 of us total on the trip and we left on September 11th to fly from Atlanta to Johannesburg. I kid you not.

We spent the first five days "in the bush" going on game drives and touring some amazing camps. Did I mention that these were 5 and 6 star camps? Again, no words to describe this experience. Then we flew to Cape Town and enjoyed all the civilization and sights there... we drove to Cape Point, went to the top of Table Mountain, visited wineries, chilled with some penguins, went shopping, and toured a bunch of hotels. (we were there to work after all. ha!)

Our last big place to visit was Victoria Falls! (That's in Zimbabwe. Seriously, who goes to Zimbabwe?!) It was so awesome, and I hate to say it, but prettier than Niagara Falls. Definitely less commercialized anyway. We went on a sundowner cruise on the Zambezi River that night, and the next day drove over to Zambia. We were so fortunate that we had next to zero major incidents worth mentioning. The worst thing was probably my terrible sinus infection & head cold that left me deaf, sleepless, and just plain miserable for the first couple of days.

Oh, and there was that one time when I couldn't get in my hotel room/cabin because an elephant was blocking the door. You know, just a usual day at the office...


Shermanators said...

How Fabulous!! I'm from San Deigo, and we do have some pretty beachs down here! I've always wanted to go to Africa. My cousin (an MK)grew up in Cape Town. When he came to visit Laguna Beach for the first time, I remember him sitting on the beach saying "I feel like I am home in Cape Town!" :)

Amber said...

vacations are always fun I will have to do this one:)

Christa said...

I loved our trip to L.A./Beverly Hills. I am a huge celebrity stalker! Haha! I saw Larry King walking down Rodeo Drive a few years ago!

Nick, Annie, Aiden, Sophie and Clip said...

No way...was an elephant seriously blocking the door?!?! ;)

Honeymoons are awesome and everything (mine happened to be at BETHANY BEACH!!!!!!!!!)....but I would have chosen your africa trip over a honeymoon to Bethany beach! :) That trip sounds AMAZING!!!!!

Kellie said...

Boomer Sooner! Congrats on your move to Norman, we also live in Oklahoma!

Keep It Fancy said...

i have been going to bethany beach my entire life!!! i love it but it has gotten so crowded and touristy and Atlantic city-ish recently with the trashy people. i still love it and love going there though!