Monday, August 10, 2009


I think the heat has gone to our heads and we've lost it. Up to date, this summer has been so cool and mild (not to mention cloudy, rainy, and just plain dreary) but all of a sudden we got a heatwave yesterday (sunday). I'm sure most of you all reading it had a similar situation. Meanwhile, Bobby has been in need of a haircut. This is a very common occurrence because his hair grows really quickly and we hate spending money. well, on haircuts that is, not furniture, because I love spending money on furniture. And so because of these two factors, bobby has had many hair styles over the years. In fact, let's take a look at his many hairstyles.

First, the long haired hippie style he had when we first met.

Then after we got engaged he sported a really short style.

It got a little longer when/after we got married, but then he worked at UPS for 4 years so he had to keep it pretty short with no facial hair. And while we're at it, he's had a lot of different facial hairstyles too, but that's a post for another day.

Once he graduated from seminary/UPS, he had the freedom to do whatever he wanted with his face & hair, so he went with this.

I'm kidding. He did that as a joke.

This is his normal look with a beard (my favorite.)

But other times, it looks like this.

Sorry for the link instead of the actual photo, but I have been trying to post it for 4 hours now and I give up.

And then yesterday (sunday) we just plain lost our minds and we did this:

Are we crazy? Yes. But it was fun. And hey, he only has two more weeks to get away with doing stupid things using the excuse that he's in youth ministry and he's doing it for the children... (and by the way, they think it's hilarious.)

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Abby said...

Ha!!! I LOVE it!! Too bad he can only keep it for 2 weeks.

:) A