Monday, August 10, 2009

some stuff about the house

We have two big house updates. #1 - the appraisal has gone through and it was appraised at a higher amount than we are paying for it! yippee. that's "instant equity" bobby tells me. I'm still not 100% what that means, but I know it's good. and #2 - we bought a couch! a red one. my st louis friends know that we have an antique green one already, but they also know that it's not really comfortable or practical. It's really best for a parlor or a big sophisticated office, but since we have neither, it will most likely be sold in the near future. here is a picture of it when it was in our apartment in 2006. I don't blame you if you're distracted by the lovely ladies that are sitting on it, but try and look past us.

It's a pretty couch, but I need a plush comfy couch with big pillows to lay on when I watch tv. And I decided when we were house hunting that if it matched the house, I wanted a red couch. Since our house has hardwood floors and I'll be painting the walls a light neutral tan and all the trim white, I think a red couch will be lovely.

So here it is, America. the Griffith's new red couch.

(I tried to get the picture to post on here for 45 minutes and it just wouldn't go. sorry for the lame link.)

It is a bit more on the contemporary style than I prefer, but there were several factors that made this couch a must-buy. (I guess I'm all about the numbered lists today...) #1 it's red. it's not pink at all, which the picture sort of looks. (I hope.) no, in person it's definately a strong red. not orangy or pinky. just red. probably not quite OU crimson, but close. #2 it's made of that micro-fiber material that is very easy to clean. if you've met bobby, you know that is a must have. #3 it was cheap. $299 to be exact. for a new couch in perfect condition. you can't beat it, so we bought it.

We couldn't decide whether to get the matching loveseat or chair & ottomon, so we didn't get either. we can always order them later. (they do have furniture stores in oklahoma I'm told.) but what we're thinking is that since we now have a red couch and a toupe-colored la-z-boy, we might get a large printed chair to tie it all in together. so be on the lookout for me. I'm really excited about buying grown-up things. at age 31, I figured it's about time.

Well, it figures that I would spend more time talking about a $300 couch than the much more expensive and important appraisal, but like zach (a kid in our youth group) would say, that's how I roll.


Lianna Knight said...

Nice...I think the patterned chair with both colors would look AWESOME!!!! Great idea :)

danielle said...

Love it! looks very comfy. is that where we will be sleeping when we come to visit?