Friday, September 25, 2009

The fair was O-K!

(Eventually I will stop using the Oklahoma abbreviation as an adjective in my status titles.)

Today we went to the State Fair and it was an overall good time. Since we went in the afternoon to avoid crowds and possible thunderstorms, we did miss out on the more "entertaining" people. Because you know that a fair in a state like Oklahoma has all the same people as in the lyrics of Toby Keith's song, "I love this bar." Regardless of the time of day, we still saw lots of short skirts, high techs, blue-collar boys, and rednecks. Just missed out on the dancing girls and hookers.

The other highlight was certainly the food and it did not disappoint.

Bobby had a corn dog.

And I treated myself to a yummy, butter-lathered soft pretzel, an elephant ear covered in powder sugar, and a jug of ice cold root beer.

This was over a span of several hours and I shared it all with Bobby, so do not think I am a total pig.

Oh, and speaking of pigs... we even watched the pig races. Those little black piggies really moved quickly!

Just before leaving, we rode up in the space needle thingy that you can see in the first picture I posted. I was nervous going up that high with the wind blowing as much as it was, but once we got up there, I was so glad we did. I got these awesome pictures of downtown OKC and the fairgrounds.


Amber said...

fair food is always so good..yum!

danielle said...

now i'm hungry.

Kyndal said...

Hey Jennifer! I wanted to give you some OK info, so could you email me at when you get a chance? Thanks! Hope your week is off to a great start!