Monday, September 28, 2009

This post is on a stick

I took a lot pictures at the oklahoma state fair last week, but most of them involve one theme: Food on a Stick.

Let's begin our tour.

Most of you have likely heard of CHICKEN on a stick.

And I know you've heard of, seen, or probably eaten, a HOT DOG on a stick.

But have you seen on a JALAPENO on a stick?

Or what about CHEESE on a stick?

I'm sure maybe you have seen STEAK on a stick...

But what about PIZZA on a stick?

Surely you have not seen MANICOTTI on a stick!

I mean, seriously, how do you get manicotti on a stick?!?!

But the craziest one of all is...

Yep, you saw that right, DEEP FRIED GARLIC MASHED POTATOES on a stick!!

Did I miss anything? Have any of you heard of any other crazy foods on a stick?


Lisa said...

Too funny! I think you have covered all the foods they sell at the state fair that are on a stick.

Lisa :)

danielle said...

i liked this. i didn't know you could put so many things on a stick!

Corrine aka Mama Gomer said...

We have Fried Alligator on a stick here. Tastes like chicken, but spicier.

I've also heard of Deep Fried Twinkies on a stick, and I think I heard of deep friend Mac & Cheese, but don't know if it was on a stick or not.