Wednesday, May 19, 2010


In my attempt to become a better blogger, I realize I need to post more often. And so I'm just going to do it. I am not going to think so much about what might make a great blog post, I'm just going to type whatever I am doing at that moment, or whatever I am thinking about, etc. So here goes.

I started attending a new bible study today and the topic is Joshua. This is actually one of the few books of the bible I've read through many times because it is only the 6th book, and nearly every year I start a read-thru-the-bible reading program, and although I never make it very far, I always get through Joshua. But I've never done a study on it. Until now.

I wasn't sure I was going to participate in this study or not, so I didn't do my homework prior to today, which is a no-no. I'm kidding. Fortunately we have a really good teacher/facilitator and she doesn't slap our hands if we aren't prepared. It is really helpful when everyone is, so I promise I will next week. and you can keep me accountable.

Today, being the first day, was mostly an intro of the book. We delved into some background info beginning in Genesis with the call of Abram (12:1-7) and God's covenant with Abram (15:1-16), Exodus 3:7-8, and God's command to go in & take possession of the promised land in Deuteronomy 1:6-8. In all these verses and especially Deuteronomy 34:4, God is repeating over and over again, his promise of the land. Why does he repeat this over and over again? Because we are human. We need constant reminders in all areas of life (grocery lists, birthday parties, paying bills), but especially for the big stuff. And so hearing & reading the historical perspective of these events, reminds us of God's promises, and most importantly the fulfillment of them.

So I am excited to study Joshua to hear the story of God bringing his redeemed people into the land he promised to them. If you want to join in, we are using "Joshua: All God's Good Promises" by Kathleen Buswell Nielson.

One last thing, teacher Sandy asked us all to talk about how God has prepared us for where we are in life right now. whoa! thought-provoking, isn't it? Usually I am really dumbfounded to come up with a good answer, but today something came to me quickly. My marriage. I think that God has really prepared me/us well for this new venture of church planting by giving us a strong marriage. No, it hasn't always been super easy and fun, but we are really blessed to never have had any major (marital) problems. We just simply work well together. Yes, we have communication issues and little tiffs here and there, but we have never had a major fight or trust issues or anything big. And we know this is nothing other than a miracle, a gift from God, because left to ourselves, we would completely fail, and probably kill each other. I'm kidding! (about the killing part.) So I think God has prepared us for a lot of rough times we may face in life by giving our marriage a strong foundation. I mean, we've already been through some really hard times through infertility, and so far, our marriage has stayed very solid. I honestly believe that if it wasn't strong before we began this trial, it probably would have fallen apart. I thank God everyday for my husband.

Ok, so that had nothing to do with Joshua, but I wanted to throw it in there anyway!

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we are the spencers said...

a good marriage is such a blessing! can't wait to hear more about joshua. keep us posted on what you are learning.