Monday, May 17, 2010

Garage Sale

I attempted my first garage sale this past weekend. It was a failure.

I could just leave it at that, but I know you all want more. So I'll start at the beginning.

Eight months ago we moved to Norman, Oklahoma. We found out that we have a lot of stuff. Way too much stuff. So I began to purge. Our recliner came in a gigantic box, so I set that up in the garage and everything I decided we didn't need went in there. Soon, the box was overflowing. I began talking to some friends and we decided to have a joint sale. You know, so we could put "multi-family" in our advertisement. We picked May 14 & 15 to be the dates and began sorting & pricing. Our garage was the dumping zone, and the plan was to start really early Friday morning to pull it all out into the garage and set it up. Well... it stormed all during the night Thursday into Friday. and it never stopped raining until Friday evening. We had to keep everything in the garage, so to say that it was crowded is an understatement. and our three customers did not have much room to walk around.

Did I mention that we only had THREE customers? All day.

We had fun though and laughed about it, hoping Saturday would be MUCH better. well, it doesn't take much to improve on three customers. but it still wasn't great. It didn't rain, but it was cold & cloudy. some friends from church came, so it looked like we had customers. and a couple of our neighbors came over, so that was really great to meet/get to know them!

I did the final calculations Saturday evening and after the permit, cost of signs, etc, I officially made $31. pathetic. My one friend make $32. and the third friend made -$10. yes, negative ten dollars! We have no idea how this happened. She didn't really buy much from us (maybe $2 or $3 worth) and she paid for part of the permit ($3), but I saw her sell some stuff. So where did the money go?!?! no one will ever know... haha!!

Here are a couple pics of our junk, I mean, wares:

I wasn't kidding when I said we were crowded.

And a pic of two of the saleswomen. I am in garage sale clothes & lack of make-up, and Liz is all dressed up because she was on her way to graduate from OU! Our third friend, Janna, kept running from the camera.

I think we may try again this weekend. If so, wish us luck. we need it!

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Lianna Knight said...

Oh my goodness :( You guys have a TON of stuff!!!! We actually had a garage sale recently...but it was our community/neighborhood garage we didn't have to advertise because our entire neighborhood did the advertising. Does your neighborhood do something like that? We made about $200 and only worked for three hours on ONE day :)