Monday, July 06, 2009

House Hunting

Finally my dream of going on my very own house hunt came true last week. I am hopelessly addicted to HGTV and especially the show House Hunters. I watch it all the time. And I love to not only critique the houses, but the house hunters. Usually the women are so mean. They seem to find fault in every house. Ugh, I hate the carpet. Ugh, the paint on the walls is hideous. Ohmygosh, I can't stand those countertops. And I sit at home yelling at them because they are being so superficial and unreasonable. You can get new carpet, you can paint the walls, and you can replace the countertops. Duh! I tell them to just look at all the good things about the house. Check out those windows or look how big those closets are!


I am so glad I wasn't being filmed last week.

Oh so quickly I heard myself saying all those mean things too. And I just couldn't help myself! We saw some really ugly houses.

But we saw some great ones too.

In fact, we saw a total of 19 houses. In one day.

Our poor realtor.

If you've watched the show, you know that they see a lot of houses, but they are narrowed down to their favorite three. Coincidentally (or not) at the end of the (extremely long & hot, yet fun) day, we had narrowed the 19 down to our three favorites as well. So we went back and saw them again the next day.

After a really hard decision, we chose to make an offer on one of them. I don't know how much time lapses on the show between the time they pick 3 favorites and when they decide on one, but that decision is a LOT harder in real life than it looks on TV. I know, shocking, huh? In fact, I am still slightly questioning the decision. I really hate buyer's remorse.

We met with our realtor (the awesome Rachel) late Thursday night - she drafted the contract, we signed a bunch of papers. After much deliberation we agreed on an offer and then the call was made to the seller. Long story short, unfortunately we are still in negotiations.

Here we are at the realty office signing our life away. Actually, no we're not, but it felt like it. haha

Beginning the paper-signing process.

Sign & date here.

Bobby was much more calm & collected. At least on the outside...


Amber said...

Congrats on the house hope you are able to come to a price you both agree on. Cant wait to see pictures of it:)

(You've been tagged...check it out on my blog. =)

danielle said...

can't wait to find out more!!! and see pics. i really hope it works out for you.

Lori said...

I hope you find a house that you love! I love that show too.

Yeah I would say I would not go back to Premanti Brother!