Friday, July 10, 2009

House #2

well, we have decided to move on and try house #2 (meaning our second choice.) at first I didn't think I would be able to survive not living in house #1, but after several hours of mental games (picturing myself living in house #2), I have made up my mind that I would love living there. the house is in really good condition and has hardwood floors and a great backyard. It just needs some paint (ok, a LOT of paint. in every room.) and new flooring in the bedrooms, and it will be more "my" style. #1 still isn't completely off the table, but since the seller's bottom line seems to be the same as her listing price, we decided to check out our other options. I am at a place now where I would love living in either house, and that is a really good place to be (emotionally.) we've submitted our offer to house #2 and we're waiting to see what they come back with. I am just so ready to know where we are going to live.

in case any of you are wondering how I am doing health-wise, well, I just ordered my third injection of LupronDepot yesterday and will get it next thursday. the menopause symptoms have kicked in BIG time and I have hot flashes all day long, and have been getting lots of headaches. other than that, I don't have too much else to report, symptom-wise. I was supposed to have a repeat HSG next monday, but I am going to cancel that. I have two reasons. The first is, if I am having it just to see if the Lupron is working, then what's the point? This is the last thing we are doing (IF treatment-wise). If it's not working, then my only other option is IVF, which we are not considering at this moment. If it is working, then great! But we're hoping we'll just figure it out on our own in a couple months... :) Second reason, no insurance coverage and it costs about $2K. And I just found out this week that my insurance is only covering a small portion of my lap surgery I had done in April. So we have to pay $5K out of pocket. Super. And when you're changing jobs and buying a new house, that is really bad news. So there you have it.


Amber said...

Good luck with getting the house that God wants you to have:)

Just curious what Lupron is supposed to do? Interesting about the surgery as the RE is trying to get me to do it and Im a bit iffy on it.

Abby said...

Thanks for the update, Jen. I've been thinking and praying for you guys. We are in the midst of house hunting will be the 4th time we've met w/ the realtor to look at houses (yes, it's getting very old!). The ones I love are short sales which makes getting a loan almost impossible. :(

Hope this next month of Lupron goes by quickly for you. I think you guys made a good decision on not having the 2nd HSG (horrid, horrid test that I hate!). We pray for you daily.

Love you guys,
:) A

danielle said...

you crack me up about the houses. i'm sure i would be the same way. i can't wait to find out which one you get and i really can't wait to see pics!

i really hope all works well with the meds. can't wait to hear how all that goes too. i'm sorry your insurance doesn't cover much, that really stinks. we will keep praying for all details!

Leslie said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I just found yours. You have so many things going on in your life right now. I'll be praying for you and your family as you move and become part of a new church family. I'm a PK, so I know what it's like to move and go to a new church as staff. I'll also be praying for your journey to become a mom. We have a similar story. We were finally able to conceive through IVF, but I know what a long, trying road it all is with many decisions. Best wishes through all of it.

Lianna Knight said...

Good luck with house :) Although it can be stressful, think of all the fun you'll have decorating your new home!!

Praying for you on the "baby" journey...I know THAT can be extra stressful too :)

Nick, Annie, Aiden, Sophie and Clip said...

Thanks for the updates!