Friday, June 05, 2009

Party Like It's 1996

Not since the year I graduated high school have I been invited to so many graduation parties in one summer. It is June 5th and we have already partaken in 6 graduation celebrations. 6! First we had Bobby's commencement ceremony at WVU, then this past weekend we attended our local high school's commencement because 6 of the graduates go to our church. That's a lot considering the class size is only 64. But out of those 6, 2 were very faithful attenders of our youth group, so we just had to be there to their high school journey end. We are so proud of them and are going to miss them terribly! Then the next day (Saturday) we went to one of their graduation parties. It was at her uncle's house, I think, and they had a pond, bonfire, bbq, and cornhole. It was really nice. I love going to graduation parties and looking through all the photos of them "through the years." One thing we think is so awesome is that a group of our kids all grew up together in the church, so every party we go to we see pictures of them at VBS, children's choir, Sunday school, etc. What a great testimony to the Lord! So anyway, the next day we had a little "celebration" for all the graduates in church, followed by a picnic hosted by Bobby & I for all the graduates and their families, then we were off to another graduation party! Whew. Do you know how much picnic food & graduation cake I ate last weekend? A lot. And that was just the first round... we still have four more grad parties (that I know of) to go to. Funny how these things happen - all at once.

Here a couple pics from our picnic under our church pavilion. Bobby and I made the most adorable little "graduation caps" and I couldn't wait to show you all, but we didn't get a good picture of them. :( You can just barely see them in the picture below... they are the little chocolate blobs on the white platter near the pop bottles. See them? We still have most of the supplies that we used to make them, so I think I'll make another batch so I can post them here. They are that cute!

More food!

And to prove to you that we take pictures of things other than food, here are some people!

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Amber said...

Looks like the picnic was lots of fun with good food!

I would love to have your recommendations on stuff to do in St. Louis. We are going there June 17-19. So far we have the DMB concert and we got tickets to see the Cardinals. We are cluless on restaurants (good ribs, any local places that arent too costly??)

Thanks for any tips! If you want you can email me at