Monday, June 22, 2009

My husband went to Disney World and all I got was a (yummy) soft pretzel from Philadelphia

Is that the longest blog title you've ever seen or what? In fact, I think it's not just long, it's quite clever. Even clever enough to make a t-shirt out of it.

I love the internet.

Last week was our denomination's week long business meeting - the PCA's General Assembly - and it was held in Disney World, Orlando, Florida. Bobby has wanted to go to one of these since he joined the PCA back in 2001/2 and his dreams finally came true. He had a magical time. We were fortunate that our church paid for him & our senior pastor to go, but unfortunately the wives (which also includes the church secretary) had to stay home. But no fear, we joined forces and had a truly wonderful girl's week (rather than stay at our house alone all week, I stayed in the manse, next door to my place of employment. And even though we weren't in Disney, it was still magical.)

I bet whoever made this didn't know two pastors were staying in that room. haha

I have heard that most of the week consisted of committee meetings, committee reports, overtures, seminars, book tables, eating, mingling, friends & hot weather. But he had a break one afternoon and drove a few miles off the compound to go visit my sweet great-grandmother. She is 97! This made my heart melt that my husband who has only met Tillie three times would go out of his way to visit her. Look how sweet she is.

So how did I end up with a pretzel from Philadelphia you ask?


Bobby & Keith's flight was scheduled to leave Disney, I mean, Orlando, at 7:00 am on Friday. They had rented a car so they had to get up at 4:30 to get ready, return it, and be at the airport on time. Well, apparently a slew of little things kept going wrong (missed a turn, couldn't find the gas station, misplaced the keys, etc) so by the time they got to the airport, they were short on time, but made it. Then Bobby realized that he had left our camera (our blessed camera that contained that adorable picture of my sweet great-grandmother!) in the rental car. Oh no! So he had the rental car shuttle take him back to the car to get it and by the time he made it back to the airport, he missed the flight by a mere 3 minutes. He called me around 7:15 to tell me this, but I was still asleep (we must have been on the same forgetful, absent-minded wavelength because I had turned my alarm off and fallen back asleep. oops) and did not understand what he was saying and truly thought he was joking or I was dreaming. Unfortunately that was not the case.

At this point, I have to give a shout-out to Southwest for being the greatest airline on the face of the earth because they rebooked him on the next available flight, which included an extra leg (thus the trip to Philadelphia) and they didn't charge him extra. And his luggage stayed with him. By the time he reached Philly I was awake and alert, and when he called me he was starting to feel a little guilty about causing an extra 60 minute commute to the airport, so when he saw those yummy pretzels in the airport, he picked me up some. That guy knows my love language because as annoyed as I was on my way up to the airport, once I tasted those pretzels, my temper make a quick change. Oh, yeah, and I was super happy to see him too!

They looked a lot like this:

But tasted like this:

(that's supposed to be Heaven. haha)

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