Monday, July 28, 2008

We survived!

Ok, not only did we survive the beach trip with 9 teenagers, but we had a WONDERFUL time!

I mean, really, it was great.

There are times when I wish I was still the kid in youth group (even though I never was a kid in youth group, since my church didn't have a youth group when I was a kid...) I think it would be nice to not have any responsibilities. Just show up to youth group on Sunday and Tuesdays, eat the food that someone else prepared, make a mess that someone else will clean up, and more specifically, show up & enjoy a trip to Delaware that someone else organized, planned, stressed about, etc... but this time, it was good to be the one in charge because I got to plan a trip that was tailor-made to do exactly what I wanted to do - which was... sit on the beach, bask in the sun, shop on the boardwalk, and swim in the ocean for 2 1/2 days. And I'm pretty sure the kids had fun too. haha. No, I know they did. In fact, when we were sitting on the beach Friday afternoon, 4 of us laying out on our colony of beach towels and umbrellas in sunny, 85 degree weather, 4 kids (including Bobby) were riding waves in the ocean, and 3 were standing on the water's edge, I said, "If you aren't having fun right now, there is definately something wrong with you!"

Sure, we had our little moments... sunglasses and prescription glasses were lost in the ocean, wallets were left on the beach, sunburns & shellfish allergies, the a/c breaking in the van on the way home, and a harmless prank by the girls that left us with a cranky 14 year old boy, but all in all we had a really great time. All of us.

The fearless leaders.


danielle said...

sounds awesome! looks like you guys had a great time.

Nick, Annie, Aiden, Sophie and Clip said...

I'm SO Glad you all had such a great time! Maybe we'll get to do it with you one year! We were only brave enough to do a day trip with our day trip, but I'm always up for more beach time!

erikswanson828 said...

Glad it went so well.