Thursday, August 30, 2007


Living on a farm with avid animal-lovers does have it's consequences... we're addicted to adopting pets! We moved here with a rabbit and a turtle, then we added another turtle, and now we are the owners of two orphan kittens (both girls). My aunt & uncle found them on the side of the road, in the middle of nowhere, a couple weeks ago. They brought them home and I fell in love immediately. We weren't sure what we were going to do with them at first, but they did get sent to the vet for shots, immunizations, tests, boosters, etc for a few days. She estimated that they were 12 weeks old. Then they came home and I brought them over to our house to "test them out" and there has been no turning back. They are very sweet; they love people, play a lot, sleep a lot, eat a lot, and are perfect about using their litter box (from day one!) - a big must!

So here they are... of course we are struggling with names (yes, our little turtle still isn't named yet). The "grayer" kitten is named Paisley. But, the "blacker" one's name isn't definate yet, because frankly, we weren't positive that we were going to keep her, but seeing how much they love and play with each other, I don't know how we could separate them!

Looking down from the stairs into the kitchen. I can't tell which is which from this picture - their heads are almost identical - I think Paisley is on the left.

This is Paisley in the parlor/sewing/guitar room.

What is this little girl's name going to be? She looks sad that she is still called "the other one" or Paisley's sister.

Action shot of them "playing"


Agkyra said...

So cute! Alas, they grow up so fast!

danielle said...

yeah! cat lovers!!! i think they look like charlie and so you should name one after him. only a girl charlie. paisley and charlie, i think it goes together very well. they are soooo cute! you guys are going to love spoiling them.

Abby said...

Wow!! You're little family is growing so fast! They are so adorable. :)
p.s. I miss you!