Tuesday, June 14, 2011

obligatory catch-up post

so since my last real post, the thunder basketball team's impact on our lives really changed. we went from casual/regular fans to psycho/obsessive fans. we not only watched most of every game, we started watching every minute of every game, every post-game interview, followed every player on twitter, hung a flag outside our house, and put a sticker on our car. (those players tweet a lot, btw!) and so, did this obsession pay off? you betcha! the thunder, in only their third year of existence, not only made it to the playoffs, they played for the western conference championship! I was fortunate enough to go to one of the playoff games - game two of the first round, and it was a blowout against the denver nuggets. the oklahoma city arena (aka "loud city") was the loudest arena I have ever been in. it was awesome!

let's see. what else?
  • bobby is working hard getting ready to plant a church - city pres!
  • our friend, doug, the former (founding) OU campus pastor left RUF to co-plant city pres.
  • two babies were born (not ours) - meghan had paige and bobby's sister mindy had gracie (I'm an aunt!)
  • one of our favorite toddlers turned two; bobby turned "more than two"
  • we planted a garden that is now like a forest (what is in that soil!?)
  • did I ever blog about the cruise we went on?!?
  • I've been going to a bible study at our church on John
  • bobby got a motorcycle (a small fixer-upper for $200)
  • a pretty bad storm came to central oklahoma a couple weeks ago, and since it was shortly after the devastation in joplin, I was super freaked out. we were spared.
  • we went to a pretty fun wedding of some folks that will be a part of our church plant
  • other good friends moved to downtown OKC to be a part of the church plant :)
  • but other friends are moving to delaware :(
  • we hosted another international student through the university of oklahoma. it was an interesting experience.
  • I started going to a chiropractor/kinesiologist/nutritionist. so far she is helping my reverse-curved neck, and telling me that I'm allergic to all the foods I love. so it's good and bad.
  • we just got back from our denomination's general assembly - PCA GA. it was at virginia beach and it was a blast. I will blog about that soon.

oh, and I am now (well, almost...) a real estate agent! I have passed my exam, paid a million fees, and chosen a broker to work for. I think I still need to "join the board," pay a lot more fees, and go through a bunch of training before I can actually sell, but I'm certainly on my way.


we are the spencers said...

wow. you guys have been really busy! that is awesome about the real estate agent thing. good for you! can't wait to catch up in person!

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