Wednesday, January 05, 2011

2011: the year of the book worm

I have never been a big reader. My family never sat around reading for pleasure. Maybe some magazines and/or newspapers here and there, but you would never find us all in the same room, with our noses buried in a book unless we had to (school, work, etc.) It has taken a lot of effort for me to really get interested in reading. I'm also not a fast reader so I usually have to read things several times to really get it, and since that takes a long time, I usually just give up. Given that background information, you can imagine what a culture shock it was for me to marry someone like Bobby who read entire editions of encyclopedias for fun in the summer as a kid. He also is in his third graduate degree, so you can probably only imagine how many books he owns and has read. He recently compiled a 2010 reading list and there were 42 books, 4 magazines, several blogs, and 5+ essays on that list. So yeah, he's sort of a reader.

Well, I have decided (resoluted. whatever.) to come up with a reading plan for this year. I picked 12 topics that I want to study and Bobby helped me find a book for each. In addition, I have some fiction books (chronicles of narnia), through-the-bible-in-a-year, and other general reading materials that don't necessarily fit into a category (radical, crazy love).

I have not yet determined which topic will go in which months, but I do know that January is church history month! (surprised that bobby picked that for me?) I have just barely begun reading the scandal of the evangelical mind. for most months, I'm also going to try to read other (smaller) materials, listen to applicable pod casts, sermons, maybe even songs, prayers, and scriptures. But for this month, I have my own live-in church historian, so I should be all set!


we are the spencers said...

i am the same way, definitely not a reader! i am a slower reader and a slow processor and it takes a lot to keep my attention. i did just finish the entire little house on the prairie collection. LOVE it. easy reading and great subject. anyway, good for you for reading more. you should do a book review on your blog after you finish a book!

katietracy. said...

I did a project like this in 2009! I loved it and got to read a lot of really wonderful books! I hope you have fun with it!