Monday, October 05, 2009

Terrible (cat) Towel

Last night during the Steelers game, we were trying to keep our cats awake because they tend to sleep in the evenings and then play, pounce, and wrestle on us while we are sleeping, all night. So we locked them out of the bedroom and made them stay out in the living room with us. They played and roamed around for awhile, but then soon settled on a chair next to the tv we were watching. I just happened to have a Terrible Towel laying there, and I like to think that they chose to lay there to show their support for America's football team.

First it was just Paisley sitting there.

Then she got down and Shadow got up there.

And then Paisley decided to get back up there and snuggle with her sister. Aren't they adorable?!?


Amber said...

Hope you will join us on our new blog

danielle said...

they are so cute!