Saturday, October 10, 2009

Don't Step There

Yesterday was the first time I was ever really in an attic. For real. Attics just really aren't that necessary in pennsylvania because everyone has basements for storage. But here in mid-america, the ground is clay, therefore, no one can dig down to build basements, so everyone has attics - thus, the mushrooms. More on that another day...

When we looked at this house before we bought it, we thought the attic space was great and had tons of storage area. Well, it turns out that it actually just has a lot of attic space potential. The previous owners only laid boards on a small portion of the attic so the storage space was limited. But we figured that was probably an easy fix, just get some more boards and finish it off, which is what Bobby and Wes (a guy from our church) did last night.

Before they could start on their pounding, I needed to get up there and move some boxes around that we had haphazardly thrown up there - mostly empty moving boxes - to give them more space to move around to work. I hate climbing ladders, but I got up there and it wasn't so bad. I was proud of my job of packing and stacking those empty boxes so well that they took up just a mere fraction of the space. I even called Bobby to come check out my handy work. He peeked up and was impressed. He got down and waited for me, thank goodness, because as I made my way over to the opening where the steps are, I stepped where I will never step again...(for obvious reasons) a spot where there were no boards, no cross-beams, no support... and my leg went through the floor!

I knew not to step there and I really didn't "step" there. I barely put any pressure there. I think I just momentarily lost my balance and just barely set my foot on that spot for a second, and bam, there went the floor. Fortunately I was holding onto something and was able to catch myself and did NOT fall all the way through to the garage. That would have been terrible. I can't even imagine. So it's funny and I'm slightly embarrassed, but mostly feel badly that we know have to repair this spot. But hopefully it can be done quickly and will not be too expensive.

Surely I can't be the first person to nearly fall through their attic, right?!

By the way, here is a picture of my neatly stacked boxes. There are probably 50 or so boxes there.

And here is some of the progress the guys made last night. My Christmas decorations can't wait to sit on those boards.


Nick, Annie, Aiden, Sophie and Clip said...

Phew! Glad you are ok.

Here in Md, where houses are priced so expensively that you have to buy the tiniest house you can find, our family of 5 uses every square inch of our small basement AND our very tiny attic.
AND our shed.
And I still feel cramped. :)


danielle said...

OOOPS. glad you're okay! shaun won't put more wood in our attic because he's afraid we would store too much more junk.

Jenn said...

Glad you didn't fall through to the garage! Our attic is like that, too, but I'm too scared to get up there. :)