Thursday, November 20, 2008

The inlaws are coming! The inlaws are coming!

And we couldn't be more excited. We have been waiting for them to see where we live since we moved here back in May of last year. Bobby's parents, sister & grandma are set to arrive sometime tomorrow evening and they will be staying until next Wednesday. About 3 hours after that (give or take a couple hours) my parents will arrive and stay until the following Tuesday. Lots of family all around! This is so fitting that everyone will be here for such a joyous occasion this coming week because Thanksgiving is my favorite time of year/holiday. Oh, wait, did I forget to mention what the joyous occasion is?? Bobby's ordination service is Sunday! Technically, Bobby was ordained by the Presbytery a month ago, but we waited until now to have his official service so that his family could be a part of it.

Pretty soon he'll get to do the two-hands-raised benediction!

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