Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Election Day Reflections

I voted at 8:30 this morning and was the 24th voter in our precinct. Shockingly, they had electronic, touch-screen voting machines. The reason I'm surprised by this is that we live in a very rural township, in the 3rd poorest county in Pennsylvania, no thanks to John Murtha. And speaking of Murtha... after all the national airtime & publicity he has been receiving, it was very weird to see him on our ballot. (If you're not aware, he called his constituents - western PA - racist & redneck. Nice guy.) He's also infamous for this. Obviously, I did not vote for him. Another observation, and this one should not have been a surprise to me... but the ballot was so short! I think there were only 6 items on the entire thing. It took only a couple minutes to fill the whole thing out compared to the cumbersome ones we had to fill out in St Louis in recent years. When I finished, I said out loud, "that's it?!" I got a weird look or two. So now we just wait and see what happens.

On another note, the weather here today is beautiful! As I remember past election days, I mostly remember rain. Especially when I was little, I would "work the polls" with my aunt & grandma, either handing out pencils & buttons, or helping the workers, getting them drinks, etc., I always remembering standing out in the cold rain. But there is no precipitation in sight today, just 70 degrees and sun. I wish I had the day off like Bobby does...

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