Thursday, March 27, 2008


We spent a few days of Bobby's Spring Break in Lexington (just got back yesterday). In reflection, I think it was our most stress-free, easy-going getaway yet. Maybe it was because we didn't plan much and had low expectations since the reason we were going was to research Christian Beacons in the Lexington Seminary library, and we thought it would take up most of our time there. It turns out that I'm a really good skimmer because I helped by looking through close to 10 years of Beacons and marked pages for Bobby to photocopy. So together, it only took us 5 hours! Much better than 3 days. I think we were famous by the time we left because the seminary is so small, everyone noticed us, and a girl even said to Bobby, "you were here 3 hours ago when I left. I hope you guys took a break!" of course, we did. So since that was so quick, we had lots of time to do whatever... which included going to the Kentucky Horse Park, taking several walks around downtown, visiting used book stores, shopping in a few quaint little shops, and eating yummy food! We had dinner our first night at Cheapside where we had fantastic burgers served with crunchy kettle chips. Then we had dinner Tuesday night AND lunch Wednesday at Joe Bologna's. Thanks so much for the recommendation, Katie. Obviously, we loved it!

Here is Da Hoss at the Horse Park. Read his bio here, it's fascinating.

I had to take this photo since we currently have 8 black swans here at the farm.

And here is Joe Bologna's - neat building, great food.

All in all, we had a great visit to Lexington - we loved the city, its size and what it has to offer, its location, and the UK campus was beautiful too, not to mention all the beautiful horses and the farms they live on!

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Katie said...

Glad you liked Joe B's. Last time I went there, we had a server who was obviously new. Somehow my credit card was never rung up for the meal, so I got Joe B's for free! Can't beat that!

I think you've done more things in Lexington in the short time you were there than in the 6 years I lived there! :)