Thursday, March 06, 2008


It is a beautiful day on the farm. Today was a fun day. The sun was out, the wind wasn't blowing, it wasn't snowing or raining (shocking!), and the temperature was a mild 50-something. I thought, what a nice day to walk around the farm. And oila! I got a phone call from some friends at church who wanted to come see the animals. Perfect! We had a great time... just 3 adults, 2 kids, and a gazillion animals. This morning I got to watch a herd of deer come over to the pond, and then saw them get startled by a group of swans who were chasing them away from their food. The mom & dad swan got to bring their 5 babies down to the pond for the first time today, they seemed to really like it. (the deer seemed confused though) Up in the barn, there are about 40 chickens who live in harmony with a couple horses, a few cats, some dove & quail, and a guinea hen. Then there is the rabbit who lives in a cage in the (hunting) dog kennel and doesn't seem to mind all the barking. (not to be confused with our Bunny) There are Quarterhorses with Fresians, Palaminos with donkeys, and of course, a pot-bellied pig with a bunch of dogs. Everyone seemed to be in a good mood today, the kids had a great time, the adults did too, and even the animals seemed to be happy.

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