Friday, October 12, 2007

sewing day

Thursdays are typically one of my most boring days of the week unless we have a vet appointment or I have a lunch date with my aunt, so this week I decided to have a sewing day. I'm still really bad at sewing and waiting to find someone to give me free/inexpensive lessons. So in the meantime I practice by doing very small, easy projects. Yesterday I made an accent pillow, a "princess bed" for the kittens, and hemmed a couple items. Nothing exciting, nothing impressive, but here are a couple pictures anyway.

I made the yellow one and bought the others.

The bed, sans kittens.

Paisley tried it out and did that "kneading" thing that cats do for over 10 minutes. I think that means she liked it.

A.D.D. Shadow stayed in the bed for a few minutes before running off.


Angie said...

Hey Jen-

I have finally joined the world of blogging if only just to keep up with everyone I miss. I haven't gotten up the courage to publish my own, but I'll let you know! How's PA/WVA? Huntsville is great! Your sewing looks great, don't be so hard on yourself!

Jen's Blog said...

hi angie, congrats on getting your blog up and going! i don't know if you'll ever revisit this comment section, but one funny thing about the kitten's bed that i made... that is leftover pink fleece from the taggie blankets i made for your baby shower gift. :)

danielle said...

look out martha stewart!