Monday, October 15, 2007

New Assignment

I'm pretty late announcing this, but Bobby was hired as the Youth Director at Greene Valley PCA Church a few weeks ago. And I've named myself his assistant. Actually, my official term is assistant "to the" Youth Director. (sort of like Dwight on The Office) So far, we have met on 3 Sunday nights, painted the Youth Room, and we are having our first "event" this Saturday - a bonfire. Of course we could be battling the rain, so in that case, we will move the party inside and have a karaoke/ddr/guitar hero showdown - should be fun! Especially since the elders will be hosting a dinner for some guests in the adjoining room in the church basement.

We are so excited that we have been given this opportunity to serve the church and the youth in this way. Since I never had the chance to be in a youth group myself, this is really an all new experience for me. I was a little nervous when we decided to take this position because I don't see ourselves as the flashy, obnoxious, wild type, that I thought you had to be in order to be a youth leader. But fortunately, after talking to the session, and the teens, it seems like we might just make it there alright... and they might actually like us! (I hope...) In fact, on our first night, a few of them told us that they really enjoy deep theological conversations and political debates! Ok, so that scared me again... but Bobby was really enthused. But all in all, I am really looking forward to gaining new friendships, seeing relationships strengthened and spiritual lives matured. And of course having fun, in our own laidback and composed way.


Abby said...

Yeah!! It sounds like a good fit, and that you'll make a great Assistant TO THE Youth Director. You'll have to put up some pics of the event.


p.s. I'm jealous that Erik & Joy get to see you!

danielle said...

congrats to you guys. don't worry, shaun wasn't exactly an "exciting, enthusiastic, obnoxious" youth guy and the students still loved him. you guys will do an awesome job. all the students really care about is if you genuinely love them nor not. not so much silly games. they see through it all!