Thursday, March 08, 2007

It’s a Revolution!

A Dance Dance Revolution to be exact! I’ve always been fascinated by this game, and even though I’ve never tried it, not even at an arcade, I mentioned that wanted one and Bobby bought it for me! It’s been a lot of fun so far, even though I’m still trying to figure it out. So even though I’m not good at it yet, I definitely am still getting a good workout. So all you Atherton girls (and guys?) out there, c’mon over if you want to try it out!

Yes, the Griffiths are big kids… Bobby got Country Music Karaoke on the same day. It looks really fun, but I’m still way to scared to do it. I tried, but I can’t even bare to sing in front of Bobby, let alone in front of people that I’m not related to!

Here are Bobby & Currie on open-mic night. (see me there, on the couch, looking very comfortable as a spectator)