Sunday, November 12, 2006

Birthday celebration 11/11/06

So, many of you know that this past Saturday was my birthday. And what a great day it was! The fun started Friday night when I got home from work and was surprised & greeted by 8 friends and Bobby shouting "Happy Birthday!!!" We enjoyed a huge Dairy Queen birthday cake (my FAVORITE kind of cake!), blueberry sparkling cider, and listened to my new Josh Turner cd. Here are a couple pictures from that night...

Below is Karen (Abby's friend), Abby, Joy (and baby in utero), and me

Then Saturday I enjoyed a pancake breakfast in bed, opened quite a few presents from Bobby (thank you UPS for the bonus!), went out and did a little bit of shopping, watched (most of) the OU game, then had dinner at the Melting Pot - finally! I've been wanting to go there since we moved here because I LOVE FONDUE! It was delicious!! :-)

Overall I had a great bday weekend and look forward to all those cards that will be coming in late on Monday because, as always, I never get mail on my birthday... (Veteran's Day + national holiday = no mail)


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Jen! You looked a lot like Angie James at first in that third picture.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday!! I'm so jealous you got to go to The Melting Pot - isn't it good?!

-Erica F.

KatieL said...

All of that chocolate on your plate--yum!!!!