Friday, September 03, 2010


I think I made that word up, didn't I?

Like our friends, Abby & Currie, we also just celebrated our first year in our "new" house! Yes, it was one year ago (last week) that we drove from Greene County, Pennsylvania to St Louis, Missouri to Norman, Oklahoma. I had all 5 animals in the car with me, and the cats only stopped crying & yelling for about 3 out of the 20 hours. (it was awful) We stayed the night with our wonderful friends in St Louis and I remember not wanting to leave their house the next morning. I was eager to get to our house, but it was unfamiliar and no one was there waiting for us, so it was kinda sad. We had friends in St Louis, so why couldn't we just stay there?? But after delaying as long as possible, we began the drive southwest. The second half wasn't nearly as bad as the first. Boring, yes, but better. No major cities like Columbus, Indianapolis, or St Louis to drive through, and certainly no mountains like West Virginia or eastern Ohio. Just flat boring plains. And then we ran into a major thunderstorm. I think that is the reason Paisley is afraid of storms now. I am too. I think one of the weirdest sights was when we got to Tulsa and I saw a Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. I thought we must have made a wrong turn. A Hard Rock in Tulsa, Oklahoma? Oral Roberts wouldn't be happy about that. That was a nice diversion for my brain so I wasn't so obsessed and terrified about the torrential rain. and the screaming cats.

I was so happy when we finally reached our little abode. the garage was open and I pulled the car in to avoid getting too wet. I think the car has only been in there two times since then. ha! We unloaded the animals and slept on the bedroom floor. Home Sweet Home.

We've done quite a few small updates to the house this year. And because I LOVE before & afters, I present these to you.

Front of house then:

Front of house now:

Living room then:

Living room now:

bedroom before:

bedroom now:

backyard then:

backyard now:

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we are the spencers said...

i love before and afters! everything looks great. love the front of the house too! and your bedding, but i have told you that before. hope you are liking oklahoma and feel more at home there!