Tuesday, June 01, 2010

what a weekend!

This Memorial Day weekend was the most event-filled one we have had since the one when we moved from St Louis to Pennsylvania. That was a busy weekend. This one was a little more relaxing. But what isn't relaxing compared to driving 624 miles in a U-Haul? My mom arrived in OKC Thursday morning and our first stop was the gigantic walmart on the southside. I was so overwhelmed the first time I went there; I had no idea stores could be that large. I mean it is BIG, even for a walmart. Then we came home to start getting things ready for our small group cookout that evening. One thing that has to be mentioned is the weather, because it was hot. The entire time my mom was here, it was h-o-t, and s-u-n-n-y. I was a little concerned because I had planned on the cookout being outdoors, since we were going to be grilling "outdoors," and we were excited to really use our backyard for the first time. but the heat! so I gave my guests the option of going out or staying in, and most chose the combination. it was perfect.

The inside crew: (bobby, collin, catherine, & ryan)

The outside gang: (chris, meghan, rachel, & ed)

I think their picture looks a little smokey because of the tiki torches.

The wii players: (luke, nathan, & allie)

My mom (poor lady has no friends!)

and of course, our little friend, drue!

In case you're trying to figure it all out, meghan, collin, & drue all belong together, luke & nathan go with ryan & catherine, rachel & ed are a pair, and I claim bobby & my mom. there were a few other people in attendance, but they left before I got my camera out.

Friday, my mom and I decided to brave the hotness and do a little shopping on campus corner. it was good because the stores were very chilled, it was not crowded because school is out, and there was a passionberri there! :) it is my new summer obsession. I love it. That evening we ate dinner at pepe delgados, and went to the sam noble museum of natural history because it was a free admission night and they opened their chocolate exhibit. AND gave away some free chocolate. win win win!

a pic of the museum goers:

and a wall of chocolate!

I cant remember what we did Saturday other than eat pancakes, swim a little at the norman pool, do a little shopping, and watch paisley climb a couple trees.

Sunday morning, we got to hear bobby preach & lead worship at church. always a blessing. then we went to a wedding! I love weddings and this was a fun one. Two youngins' tying the knot. so precious. I have no pictures of the bride & groom, or anyone involved with the wedding, but I do have a picture of bobby and I. and his red pants.

That night I asked my mom where she wanted to go to get some ice cream/fro yo, and she chose passionberri. yay!

And then Monday... we had the pleasure of participating in the celebration of little drue's first birthday party. She was such a charmer and really knew how to work the crowd. She had on the most beautiful red dress with a giant bow & headband, but unfortunately I didn't take any pictures until the end of the party when she was in her real birthday suit. We both look a little rough in this pic because I was getting pretty hot (and not in a good way!) and she had a stained face from the punch I gave her. :) but she was still adorable and the party was so much fun!

we did a little more shopping that afternoon and then chilled for the rest of my mom's visit.

in fact, I am still chillin' and she is flying all over the country, going on standby, changing flights, and getting vouchers for free tickets. way to go, mom!


we are the spencers said...

looks like a fun weekend! i want to see more pictures of your house. i could see a corner of it in one of the pics of you and bobby and your flowers look so pretty. i want to see more!!! please. sorry it's been so hot already, yuck!

Abby said...

If we ever make it out your way I definitely want to go to the chocolate exhibit!! Right up my alley.

Jen, you look great, as always. I don't think I've ever seen a bad picture of you!

Miss you!
:) Abby

meggo said...

She is right. You are mega-photogenic. And of course you're just as gorgeous in person. Great post! (And great pictures! I want them all. :)