Wednesday, February 10, 2010

fastest recap ever

I am going to attempt to recap christmas, new years, & two blizzards in one little post. here goes!

December 24, 2009 - a blizzard comes sweeping into Oklahoma. Winds were gusting near 50 mph and snow was flying everywhere. I never saw snow fly in so many directions. It was hard to measure the amount of snowfall because of this. We had 2 inches in some places, and 15 in others. It came so fast, no one knew what hit us. For the first time ever, I witnessed how a little bit of snow can cripple a city, no, a STATE. within a few hours, every highway, school, church, business, you name it, was closed. (and remained closed for several days) People who had been out on the roads, just abandoned their cars and walked to safety. We were watching a map online of people that were stranded, and were about to walk over to the highway to bring people back to our warm house, but a church nearby opened up as a shelter, so we weren't needed. We were supposed to have christmas eve celebrations at bobby's grandma's house, but it was cancelled, so we stayed home. Here are some pictures from that crazy fun day:

here comes the snow! it was a pure white out... this pic of the street in front of our house was taken in late morning.

ready to go out & play! so glad we brought some snow gear with us to oklahoma. too bad I gave my snow shovel to my parents...

this picture best captures how much snow accumulated in a drift in our backyard

Next day... Christmas! We had a fun little celebration planned at our house for bobby's immediate family, and we were so excited. We made a bunch of brunchy food - whole wheat banana nut waffles, monkey bread, bacon, cookies, and more. mmmm! Now keep in mind that the winter storm the day before ended as quickly as it began, so by christmas morning, it had not been snowing for about 12 hours. but no one had been out to clear the roads. I know, crazy, right?!?! So we feared that our christmas would be cancelled. however, since bobby's family has a truck, they thought they could make it. yippee! and they did, just four hours late... so our 10 am brunch began at 2pm. and they (my mother & father in law and sister & brother in law) left a little before 4 so they could get home before dark. we were all supposed to go to bobby's aunt's house for the extended family get-together, but you guessed it... cancelled! ugh. nothing would ever cancel christmas in pennsylvania!! but we made the best of it... enjoyed our little time with family, then spent the rest of the night playing mario & sonic at the winter olympic games on wii.

waiting for our guests to arrive...

bobby's sister, mindy, & her husband, caleb

bobby & his parents

fast forward one week to new years. I have no pictures from nye or nyd. in fact, I can't remember what we did except go to a fun little party with some folks from church on nye. the weather was super cold and there was still snow on the ground (and roads) from the christmas eve snowfall.

enter 2010 and another snow storm! wooo hoooo! once again, on a thursday, the weathermen across the state threw fear into our heads that the world was coming to an end again because it was going to snow. omg, snow! in january!?! ha. so the day began with the dreaded winter mix - rain, sleet, then snow arrived, and it actually came down straight this time. no wind! it was awesome. and it just kept coming. we ended up with a really thick one inch of ice and then about 7 inches of snow on top of that. it was so pretty. we built a snowman. we went to walmart the next day. schools were cancelled for 4 days. church was also cancelled. but darnit, the movie theaters and cracker barrel were packed!

I took my kitty, paisley, out for a walk. normally she begs to go out, but she forgot that she is from pennsylvania, and now hates the snow. she is yelling at me in this picture.

our sooner snowman!

so that's the end of my recap. I'm so happy it's over now so I can move on and catch up to real-time events. hope you enjoyed! :)


Lisa said...

Nice recap...can't believe our weird weather here in Oklahoma. Looks like you are enjoying Norman...we need to compare notes on our infertility situation.

Lisa :)

Lianna Knight said...

WOW! You guys have been BUSY!!! And all that snow?!?! Your house turned out so should do some posts on how it looks...I remember when you guys first moved!!!

Thanks for catching us all up on your ending of 2009 and beggining of 2010 :)


danielle said...

finally an update! you need to updated this thing more often! i love all the pics. such pretty snow. i don't think it ever snowed like that when i lived there. looks like fun. hope you are liking oklahoma!