Monday, December 21, 2009

It's December 21st...

...and I am outside raking leaves, wearing a t-shirt and sunglasses. And I'm warm! In fact, I went outside just to get warm! It is warmer outside than inside my house today. On the winter solstice! Something is wrong with the fact that I am raking leaves instead of shoveling snow. This is just not right. It's crazy. But I'm not sayin' it's global warming... so don't you put those words in my mouth (or on my blog.)


Dana said...

I'm so jealous! It's -21 here (celcius)...wanna trade?!?!?

Nick, Annie, Aiden, Sophie and Clip said...

Freezing here in Maryland under 17 inches of snow, I would just LOVE to be outside getting warm. I hope you are able to enjoy it even though I know your heart wishes to be back with your family in the snow! :)

On a (long) side note, do you mind if I comment on your "global warming" comment?! I don't mean it at all as a stab at you or your comment. Just want to react to it, because I - as a Christian with conservative views - do believe it is something to be taken seriously and I am personally irked by people who think it is just a joke. I don't know what your true feelings are on it, and I am not even hoping that you will post this comment. In fact, feel free to delete it. I just felt the need to respond and hope you will not mind my sharing my (strong) opionion! ;)

I would wholeheartedly agree with you that neither your mild temperatures nor my record-breaking cold temperature and blizzard conditions in Maryland are indicators OR contra-indicators of global warming.

But I wholeheartedly believe that we are terribly wrong to be disregarding science's warnings that our fossil fuel emmissions and carbon "footprint" are not affecting the environment.
I would encourage you to watch this video if you have 20 min.

It simply amazes me that people can continue to be skeptical of "global warming" (or in specific terms: the fact that earth's temperature has risen nearly two degrees and that glaciers are melting and NOT recovering.

Now just to be clear, I don't *fear* the earth being destroyed by man. I believe the earth will end when God returns and creates a new heaven and a new earth. He is certainly sovereign in this situation as He is in all things.
But i FIRMLY believe that God's creation was created GOOD and that he left us to be good stewards of the earth he created.
And who knows when God will return?! If He chooses to let earth continue for a LOOOOOOOOOOOONG time, wouldn't it be horrible of us to be irresponsible in our care of the earth, leaving the later generations to deal with a problem that can't be undone?! And even if the earth was to end in five years, wouldn't it be equally horrible of us to have an attitude of "well, it doesn't matter how we treat the earth...God will renew it all soon."

Well, the glaciers melting CAN'T be undone even at this point. But if we take climate change seriously and start acting more responsibly in preserving the amazing earth God gave us, wouldn't that be a better use of our time and energy and the role God gave us as tenders of His creation?!

I better stop here, I've gone on too long already. But hope you might find time to watch that video. And tell me your reaction to it. ;)

Merry Christmas Bobby and Jennifer and pets!

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