Thursday, November 19, 2009

things I like about living in oklahoma (specifically norman)

haha, I love pretending to be a norman-snob. it's fun.

I have been observing life here in god's country. ha, that is a total joke. I actually HATE the whole "god's country" thing. and the "...on the 8th day" thing too. I don't know why I typed that.

anyway... as a citizen of norman for almost 3 months, these are the things I like about living here:

  • people are really stinkin' friendly. a couple weeks ago, I was in Lowe's and no joke, FOUR different people asked me if I needed assistance. and not in a, "oh, there's a girl in lowe's, I'm sure she needs help" way. actually in a nice, friendly, "how are you? can I help you with anything?" way. and it's like that everywhere.
  • the weather has been awesome. yes, fall was definately the time of year for me to move to oklahoma. I was terribly sad about missing western PA's fall with all the beautiful foliage (and I am!) but the weather we have had these past two months has been absolutely divine - mostly sunny with mild temps.
  • football!!! we have gone to THREE sooners football games this year. can you believe it?! but can you blame us? we live 4 miles from the stadium. we found a place to park for free. we tailgate with our friends from OU RUF. we buy cheap tickets from people selling them at the last minute. we go in, watch some (pretty) good football, and are home within 30 minutes of the end of the game.
  • shopping! have I mentioned that I can see super target from my driveway? 'nuf said.
  • lake thunderbird
  • our church. we are really enjoying the quirky, intelligent, and super interesting folks of christ the king pca.
  • happy hour at sonic
  • walking around the OU campus. earlier this week, I texted bobby and said that I saw there was a freshen's yogurt place on campus. he wrote back, let's go! so within 20 minutes he was home and we were out the door. we put our quarter in a meter which was good for one hour and walked all around campus, including the student union (where freshen's no longer exists. ugh), inside gaylord memorial stadium, the south oval, and even past the practice fields where we could see & hear 100+ players wearing crimson & cream. twenty five cents sure can buy you a lot here in norman.
  • campus corner. restaurants, cafes, clothing stores, salons, a theater, churches, and antique shops - it's pretty much "the bomb."
  • this place is hopping. everywhere I go, I see lots of people doing lots of things - shopping, driving, eating out, golfing, going to movies, sporting events, tailgating - you name it, the people of norman are doing it. ain't no sign of a recession here.
  • celebrities' houses.

This is just what I came up with off the top of my head. I'm sure there are more. And there are definately things I don't like so much. And for sure there are a bazillion things I miss about western pennsylvania that are better than norman (gasp!) but since it's thanksgiving week and all, I'll just keep this post positive.

I just realized, norman needs a slogan. Because if they had one, I would end this post with it.


Lisa said...

I am glad you like too! I have lived her for about 25 years.

Happy Thankssgiving!

Lisa :)

katietracy. said...

I think there is still a Freshen's inside the front doors of the Huston Huffman Center!

Pierce, Party of 3 said...

hi there, saw your blog off of "growing our own garden". i also live in norman!! my hubby and I moved here 3yrs ago after moving from the city. we live a few blocks from Sooner mall. glad you like it here!

Tim said...

I am glad you guys are happy in OK. I follow this blog before you guys moved to WV. I was amused that you move WV to teach at WVU from ST Louis.

I wish both of you the best.

Tim in WV.


Val, Mike and Brax said...

Came to your blog from kellys korner! I grew up in Kansas city but went college in OK and then lived there for 6 years. My in laws live in Norman too. I think OK is the greatest place to live, we miss it so much. Like you said, everyone is SO kind!!!! Just thought I'd say hi to a fellow okie.
Btw---I think norman's slogan is simply BOOMER SOONER!!!!!