Monday, October 13, 2008

West Virginia football

A couple of weeks ago we finally got to go to a WVU football game. It was great and fun, but unfortunately we had to sit in the student section (which is general admission.) So not only did we feel super old being surrounded by a bunch of teenagers/early 20's, but we were mortified to hear how there can be many uses for that awful 4-letter curse word! You know the one I'm talking about. By the end, it was almost funny to hear how many times it can be used in one sentence. Ok, so it wasn't funny. But the overall experience was interesting & sometimes entertaining. So here are some pictures and some highlights of the game.

Tailgaters before the game. I was really impressed with how many people & campers there were. This photo really doesn't do it any justice.

Before the marching band took the field, I spotted the twirlers practicing, which would normally delight me. However, if you look closely at the one wearing pants, you'll understand why I had a different reaction.

Ok, so these two (and another one that you can't see) were quite the characters to say the least. The one with his arms up in the air did a count-down to when the band would be taking the field for pre-game. I am not kidding. He would shout, "4 MINUTES UNTIL WE SEE THE BEST BAND IN THE WORLD!!!" Then he would repeat that at 3 mins, 2 mins, then counted down from 1 minute to 0 seconds, all while jumping up in the air & waving his arms. What a loon! Fortunately he calmed down during the game or we wouldn't have been able to see (or hear) anything.

Bobby & I trying to fit in as WVU undergrads.

This was another highlight... I couldn't wait until the game was over to hear the entire stadium sing "Country Roads." It was really cool. This photo also shows the final score: WVU 24, Rutgers 17.

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danielle said...

okay, i'm not really a big fan of male cheerleaders, but someone has to lift the girls up, but a male baton guy??? you have to draw the line somewhere! wow. anyway, i think you guys fit in the "young" crowd just fine. i'm sure no one suspected a thing!