Thursday, January 03, 2008

The story of 6 Christmases

Isn't it sad that we count Christmases by the number of times gifts are opened? It is, but since I consider myself immersed in today's culture, I'm going to keep that for the title of this blog post. So here we go.

Christmas #1 (Oklahoma)
Christmas Eve - we gathered with Bobby's dad's family at Nanny's house for food (another reoccurring theme) and presents. We didn't really open any presents here, just watched everyone else; but we did later that night, so I combined them together.

Christmas #2 (Oklahoma)
Christmas Morning - the 5 of us (Bobby, me, Mindy, and Bobby's parents) opened presents from/to each other. It was a great morning. We got great gift cards, had tons of fun giving great gifts, and everyone enjoyed it. Then we ate signature sugar cookies. Don't we all look smashing in our matching flannel pants made by Nanny?

Christmas #3 (Oklahoma)
Christmas Day - today the festivities included Bobby's mom's family. There were about 21 people in attendance, lots of presents, a ton of fudge, and 3 turkeys! (and yes, Bobby got to smoke 2 of them)

Christmas #4 (Pennsylvania)
December 28 - Bobby and I finally got to exchange gifts between the two of us. I got an awesome pair of cowboy boots (that I picked out in Oklahoma), Reba's new Duets cd (since we are going to her concert in a couple weeks), and a cool new journaling ESV Bible. Bobby got a laptop chiller, the Perfect Pushup, 3 flash drives, 2 dvds, and a bunch of other little stuff that I can't remember right now. Surprisingly, no food was involved with this Christmas.

Christmas #5 (Pennsylvania)
December 29 day - The Hammond Christmas (my dad's family) here in our cabin! We got to use our china (including the awesome Christmas china that Aunt Lori got us) for the first time. There were 11 people here, including my cousin Becky's boyfriend - this was our first meeting with him. ooooooo. We had a fabulous brunch for our formal meal and then opened presents for about 3 hours, it was so much fun!

Here we all are:
Christmas #6 (Pennsylvania)
December 29 night - our last Christmas, the grand gift exchange with my parents. My mom way overdid herself again, but we are very grateful! We got an cool iHome thingy for our iPod, two really nice stadium/canoe seats (Currie will appreciate that since we borrowed his a couple times), our most expensive pair of sheets ever, a couple shirts (those are mine, not bobby's), gift cards, money for Bobby's deer head mounting, Dancing with the Stars PS2 game! (bobby's really excited about this...haha), and our favorite, Guitar Hero III!! What does that say about us? We got the same gift as the kids in our Youth Group. I think it says we are cool and young at heart! :-)

And of course, no Christmas of ours would be complete without pictures of our animals opening their gifts. So here are the kittens and Bunny. The turtles enjoyed some fishies a couple weeks ago.

The end!


Abby said...

Looks like you guys had great Christmases! We miss Karaoke-ing w/ you guys, now next time we visit we'll have to try out Guitar Hero too!

Abby said...

p.s. Love the boots, Jen, and the matching flannel jammies!

Jen's Blog said...

oh yeah, i forgot to mention that we did karaoke with my family too, it was a blast. when we went through the high scores, we saw all of your perfects, abby. you're a legend! (btw, i know i told you that we weren't going to get guitar hero until they made a left-handed one for bobby, well... obviously we gave in. and we love it!)

brandy said...

Jenny, you CRACK me up. the bunny with his present under the bed is hysterical. I now have zero bunnies. =( I am jealous looking at your pictures.

Joy said...

Wow! I thought we had a lot of Christmases. But we "only" had 3. They were pretty special, though. We got to spend 2 of them with Erik's grandpa who passed away right after Christmas - one with Erik's immediate cousins and aunts and uncles and one with grandpa' siblings and their progeny. It was kind of a goodbye, even though we didn't know it.