Thursday, November 29, 2007

Giving Thanks... all week long

We all know that the Thanksgiving should not just be a one day celebration, it should be a constant state of mind. Well, in light of that, we extended it to an entire week.

Thursday morning began with the Youth Group sponsored pancake breakfast and worship service. Bobby has a copy of the liturgy on his blog. We had a wonderful turnout, close to 50 people I think. We all had a great time and were very encouraged by the support of our church. Of course there were lots of grumbles due to the early starting time (everyone was there to start cooking at 6:30!) but after we brought out the Rockstars, everyone was good spirits. It was a fun time of working together, serving the church and community, and reflecting on all we have to be thankful for. "Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good. His love endures forever."

Thursday evening we went out to dinner at the Century Inn with friends and family.
Such notable guests of the Inn include LaFayette and Andrew Jackson. I had a delicious turkey dinner and Bobby had salmon.

Then it was off to bed early to get up early for Black Friday shopping. My mom was disappointed that I wasn't willing to get up at 3 or 4, 5:15 was the earliest that these eyes open up. We didn't get some of the fantastic deals we were hoping for, but we did get a good start on shopping.

Then the big day finally came, Saturday, the day we have our big family dinner. As usual, it was quite a feast and a wonderful time of visiting with family and friends. We had 16 in attendance. (not at our cabin, but over at my aunt and uncle's big house in the dining room designed for Thanksgiving dinner)

Sunday is the day when the hunters begin arriving for the first day of buck, Monday - a state holiday in Pennsylvania.

I originally thought Monday was just Bobby's big day (hunting) but since he didn't get anything, it was unfortunately a disappointment for him. But not for me. I got invited to go to the Steelers Monday night football game! It was a lousy game and the weather was miserable. But we were sitting in the club level, so we stayed warm & dry. That's definately the way to go. (If you can afford the tickets.)

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i LOVE your hair! it looks so good on you, and you look so cute in your glasses too. i will not let your adorable hair cut tempt me to cute mine!!!