Thursday, September 13, 2007

Breathe in the fresh air... if you can.

Many of you know that my favorite season is upon us. We had a hot start to September which reminded me too well of the heat in St Louis, but alas, the humidity has disappeared and we had the most beautiful day here yesterday and today looks to be the same... sun & mild temps. I was able to take a walk outside yesterday (in jeans!) and help my aunt move horses from the barn to their pastures.

The only bad thing about this week has been that I've been pretty sick. Along with cooler temperatures, fall brings "back to school," and even though I stay here most of the time, secure in my safe little home in the country, Bobby is at school, surrounded by sick kids and sick coworkers. And yes, he had the nerve to bring home those germs and give them to me! Even though I'm a little jealous that he (the germ-giver) has no problem breathing & sleeping during the night and hasn't gone through 4 boxes of Kleenexes in 3 days, I am happy to take on the burden of the sickness for him since I have the luxury of catching up on sleep during the day and don't have to sit in class, or conduct freshmen workshops, or read 300 pages this week.

So hopefully he will stay healthy and I will recover. Especially because the Brad Paisley concert is this weekend!!! I have been looking forward to this for months, I can't wait! I hope this great weather continues, but I've been checking and it's going to be cold! High of 66 and low of 44 on Saturday. I guess I better start looking to see where we packed away the fall/winter clothes...


danielle said...

hope you feel better soon. and i am SOOOO jealous of your weather. send some my way. i heard that we will get temps like that in january. very, very sad.

Abby said...

Hope you feel better!
Brad Paisley--wow! Sounds like so much fun. :)
The weather here is gorgeous too. I actually have to put my jean jacket on in the morning! Also, the dip turned out great...a big hit. Thanks!