Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Garden Chronicles - week 3?

Yes, I've lost track of time already... oh well, I think the garden has been in existence for 3 weeks, so we'll go with that.

Everything is growing really well, I'm very pleased (and just a little bit amazed). All the vegetables are thriving, especially the onions - look how much they have popped through! And the zucchini plants are huge! So far we've only seen a couple flower blooms, maybe when we get back from the beach in a couple weeks we'll have a couple fruits or vegetables.


danielle said...

your garden looks so beautiful and i'm so jealous. bring me some veggies!!!!

Ben and Anna said...

Jen, I am so impressed! I have always wanted a garden. You will have to give me some tips when we finally get a place of our own with a yard.